Office moving costs and services by Bradford Removal Service

Offices are the essence of a person business and are the subject of the main attraction. There also comes a time when a person needs to change the location of their offices to become a center of attraction for its clients. When a person needs to shift the office, he surely cannot do it alone. He has to take the help of a service company that is closest to the office. There comes a time where he needs to check for the service providers, and if you are a resident of Bradford, you will come across the name Bradford Removals

Bradford Office Removal Services is among the best companies providing solutions for moving office furniture within the West Yorkshire area. We know the office material is of much importance to you, and one should handle it with care. We take the office material as the material of extreme worth and the material to be handled with extra care. The cost of moving the office furniture to a specific location is dependant upon the distance traveled. We have an estimated range of costs for the service we offer to the customers. We try our best to keep these services within your available range.

Estimate and Expenses:

The estimate for the required set of material to be transported to a specific location depends on the destined place, the route that is taken to transfer the content, the time taken and the weight of the moving goods. The total amount or a regular estimate can be evaluated by adding a certain amount according to the moving objects.

The estimate gives you the best possible rates that we will offer you for the sake of your convenience. This is solely because we value our customers more than money. 

Moving an office requires a specific amount of money to spend on shifting. The payment depends on the amount of material that you are going to transfer. We have some standards set for office removals, but our rates are flexible for the convenience of our clients.






The cost and expense of moving an office are entirely dependent on the importance of the material. However, as we have mentioned earlier that the total payment is negotiable according to our policy related to the clients.


We, as a growing company, are entitled to create and improve the policy regarding the clients. We offer you the best rates of any service company in your nearby. We have a system of going with the budget of the clients. This is because the clients reliability is essential to create a level of trust with the service provider. The budget you provide, help us to manage our services in the range of your budget, and to assist you with the best of our ability in that range of expense.

All the items listed below are just for demonstration purposes.

Sr. No Item details Transferring goods Amount
1 1xTable, 4x chairs, 1x cupboard… Furniture Call 0800 0862860
2 1x Table, 5x Chairs, 2x computers….. Furniture & Equipments Call 0800 0862860
3 3x Tables, 10x chair, 10x glasswares……. Furniture & Equipments Call 0800 0862860
4 4x Tables, 10x chairs….. Furniture Call 0800 0862860
5 Glasswares ….. Equipment Call 0800 0862860

The budget in a specified range and includes a specific set of services. Apart from the additional services for a consultant who gives you tips with office removals.


Below are some details that we provide while shifting your office.

1) Packing the product

2) Loading and unloading the furniture

3) Moving the items and equipment

Packing the product:

We offer a wide range of product packing. This packing starts from hard items like furniture parts which are first disassembled and then wrapped with suitable wrapping material. The office furniture is mostly wood or made from iron. Some items which are exposed to water can get easily damaged, hence the packaging should be waterproof. Bradford Removal Service offer their customers with the best packaging available for furniture removals.

We wrap the goods with polythene, poly film, corrugated paper, and bubble wrap. For expensive and delicate office furniture and items, we cover them multiple times as there is no crying over spilled milk. So, it is better to avoid the loss rather than crying after damage.

We don’t use bubble wrap directly on the glass objects. Before wrapping them with bubble wrap, we cover them with wrapping paper to avoid the formation of permanent impressions on the glass. Shrink wrapping and edge protecting wrapping are also applied to the furniture to safeguard damage while shifting. There is a chance that goods might rub against each other or with the walls of the vehicle during the transit.

Loading and Unloading furniture

Loading and unloading is an essential part of the shipment process as it requires a great deal of care. Bradford Removal Service offer their customers with the best professional staff to deal with the loading of the goods. They try their utmost best to get the satisfaction of their customers. Every single item is safely loaded onto the vehicle and stored adequately in the removal van. This is done to avoid any damage during the whole process of relocation.

Once we deliver the goods to the destination, our staff helps you with the unloading of goods. You don’t need to worry about the unpacking of goods. Our professional and hardworking team will do everything for you, as they will also place the furniture in your most desired room and space.

Shifting the furniture and equipment

The shifting of furniture is done with great care. Any damage during movement can lead to the loss of customer reliability and trust in the company. Apart from that, it may result in heavy cost to the customer. Bradford Removal Service is a very reliable firm whom offer their customers complete satisfaction throughout the West Yorkshire area.

We own a range of vehicles for our services. We also hire other cars according to the size of shipments and removals.

Bradford Removal Service offer you the best office furniture shifting solutions in the whole city. We offer the services within the range of your budget, and you can check these ranges from our official website

Why choose us?

We offer such assistance that no other removal companies are offering and neither can they compete with us. We take good care of your stuff and also offer cheap removals at competitive rates, which make us affordable and reliable.

Tips and Suggestions:

Save money on office moving by;

  • Removing unwanted papers and substances
  • Leave the worn out furniture
  • Throw away useless equipment

Office moving furniture or equipment

Furniture is an essential component of the workplace. Either you are dealing with property business or running an editorial office, you need more or less furniture. This can be an office table, boss chair, some comfortable chairs for visitors and a few cupboards for keeping records. Well, all these components give an office a complete look. Types of equipment in an office includes computers, printers, photocopiers, and several other machines. Moving a table from one corner to another or shifting furniture from one corner of the city to another, we have offers for each task.

Planning is the ultimate source of relaxation. If you don’t plan well before going for a shifting, everything will go haphazardly. So it is better to plan and hire some professional to ease your process of shifting office.

Hiring a professional for work is not an easy task. Whether they will deliver your furniture completely intact or not? Can you take relief from the tiring job of shifting furniture from one place to another? So to reduce your burden and change this responsibility to some professional hands, Bradford Removal Service is here.

We are working in the central city of Bradford in England. Helping our customers with removal and shifting furniture in the town. The details of our services are as under;

Preparing a Checklist:

Shifting requires some pre planned activity. Whilst you are moving, make a list of furniture and equipment which you will take along. It saves your time and gives you the relaxation of eleventh-hour worries. You can estimate the amount of budget you have for the whole relocation and then hire some professional for the work. Bradford Removal Service offers a range of budget for their customers to give maximum relaxation.

Packaging of Furniture and Equipment:

If you have a plan of shifting to a new office and you want some professionals to deliver your items without any damage to them. You can take the services of professional at Bradford Removal Service. We have a professional team which works from loading the substances and then safely unloading them at your destined location. 

Shifting furniture is not an easy task for a person. You are not able to pack all of your furniture by yourself and then load it onto a truck. Now coming towards the shifting, we don’t directly load the substances in the vehicle and shift them. Our team members individually pack every item to assure that it will not get damaged while moving. The packaging comes with international standards. The packaging of sensitive items like computers and electronic gadgets is done with complete care.

Office furniture includes expensive and antique items. While some of the items are difficult to disassemble by yourself, and moving furniture without disabling them would damage the furniture. So, you need to think before shifting and hire the services of a professional because we take care of what matters to you.

It is not necessary to take all the objects with you. If you think there are some worn-out objects, throw them away. Keep in mind to pack all the essential documents with you. Some of the packing tips we use during our work are;

  • Disassemble the furniture so they can be adequately packed.
  • Adequately cover all parts of the disassemble items with wrapping sheet and tapes to avoid any scratch problem.
  • Delicate items like computers and printer machines, we separately packed with tapes and soft cardboard.
  • Our professional staff loads the products into the vehicle.

For moving laboratory equipment or the goods of a photo studio which contains expensive items, we take extra special care of them. These products also require special attention during shifting.

Want to self supervise the staff for reliability?

If you don’t want to leave everything on the working staff, you can take time to supervise the team during the packing process. When you are managing by yourself, you also have an idea that everything is going smoothly.

Loading and Moving

Once we pack the furniture and equipment, we need to load them on the vehicle for delivery. Well, loading requires a coordinated activity, and it is a strenuous task. A minute mistake in loading the goods can easily damage the goods of the customer. In the case of delicate and expensive equipment, we take a lot of care. Bradford Removal Service offer their customers with the best removal services and are famous throughout West Yorkshire for the high quality they provide on a regular basis.

For moving the goods to the destined location, we have suitable delivery vehicles. From small loading vans to trucks for delivery of heavy goods, we own a fleet of vehicles for every type of task. Apart from that, we also hire suitable vehicles for any allocated job we receive. Bradford Removal Service provide you with the best possible solution for your office removal.

Removal of Furniture and Shifting:

If you want to shift furniture, you are just one call away from Bradford Removal Service. You can call directly at our number 0800 0862860 and receive our services instantaneously. Our dedicated staff will contact you with your details and inform you about the team dealing with your request.

You can also get free quotes from our website by providing the following details on our website

When you fill out the above information, our staff will inform you about the estimated expenses. With that information, you can confirm your order if you want our services.

Our office staff is entirely reliable and trustworthy. We ensure you a smooth process with your office shifting while you think ahead of your future tasks. We know every location inside Bradford and provide services to every part of the city.

Nothing moves by itself, whether it is a round conference table or a small side table. Everything needs some assistance to move, and that assistance is provided by moving professionals across the United Kingdom.

Office Moving Instructions

Office moving instructions:

Office removal is, for sure, a big project and any plan without proper management fails. No office relocation is light on the pockets. It consumes a lot of money, effort, and time. An appropriate sense of leadership and ownership will help you win in life. Before taking this big decision, you must be clear in your mind that why does one want to relocate? Below are a few choices among many: 

  • To make a better corporate image and brand name. If you move to an area where there is more competition and chances of growth are wide. By offering uniqueness in your services. People will start knowing you and your brand market will increase. 
  • To reduce the employee turnover rate. Moving to a better place with improvised facilities will increase employee satisfaction. 
  • To have a better office layout plan. Either to have more space or to have a compressed space with fewer units.  

Now that you’ve chosen your reason for shifting to a new place, follow the below-mentioned instructions for successful office relocation: 

office moving instructions

Set a timeline: 

It is the most crucial step in any project. Splitting your project into sub parts makes it more accessible. Start by prioritizing your tasks and set a realistic time-frame. If you own a big office with multiple stories, set a broad timeline. However, at least keep four months prior-planning in your mind. Don’t delay the tasks and start as early as you can. Moving an office is more hectic than moving a house, so it requires more planning and concentration. 

Make a team: 

Gather your employees and inform them about your decision. Assign them tasks and duties. It’s better to have team coordination. A single man army can’t handle this alone. Make a project supervisor and start counseling your employees about the change to come. An organization has employees of different colors under one umbrella. And not everybody thinks the same way, some people are resistant to change and are strong-headed. It is necessary to make your employees ready for it, so the performance doesn’t get affected later on. Have a spot on communication between your employees, get their input, and try to implement their ideas where applicable. The current workload and commitments are still present, so you have to keep everybody on the same page.  A motivated team can win many lotteries and an unmotivated team can bring you down like anything, so keep them involved and try to bring their morale up. 

Designing the new space: 

Ask your employees what they need in the new office? What fascinates them? And what additional facilities do they need? Once you collect their input, hire an interior designer. Tell him what modifications you need. Spacious offices produce more thoughtful, productive, and creative employees rather than the ones sitting in a congested environment. While designing your office, choose detachable furniture. Office furniture often comes in amorphous shapes, which consumes more space. Go for simpler looking furniture, it looks stylish and is less spacious. Also, add some greenery to your new office. Indoor plants help lower the stress level and increase mental health. 

Visit the new space frequently and look for any defects. If there are any breakages or you observe seepage in the walls or anywhere, get it fixed.  

Get rid of the old data and electronics: 

I am sure you’ll be excited about moving into your new office. The creaky furniture and equipment must be irritating you. It happens, but wait. Don’t get over-excited; you might hurt your dignity. Before throwing your old gadgets, don’t ever forget to clear the data. Go through every folder of your laptop, mobile, and tablets. Clean sweep everything. Not a single tiny bit of any information must be left. It can harm your company’s reputation if any data gets leaked.

Once you’ve cleared the data, refer to your community recycling programs.  These programs are ideal for waste reduction. Good companies not only work on raising their profits, but they also follow corporate social responsibility guidelines.  

 Hire a moving company:  

No matter how many offices you’ve shifted, you can’t trust your guts alone. Moving an office is no joke. You’re taking a truck full of luggage with you, for this, you need a good moving company. Make sure that the removal company you chose is reliable, safe, and trustworthy. You don’t have to worry about your luggage being displaced or mishandled. 

Any growing business can’t hold on to its operations for a long time. Imagine you’re missing on the targeted deadlines and the on-going projects. And you’re left with zero customer retention, but an expert moving company won’t let you down. It will know how important your business priorities are for you. 

I have an excellent suggestion for you which is to hire the most trusted firm known as Bradford removal service. They will help you move to your new office space proficiently. With their high expertise and added experience in this business, you can completely trust them with your personal belongings. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your reservation as soon as possible. 

For more information, call at: 0800 0862860

Or visit , 

Office Moving Schedule and Procedure

removals insurance

Office moving is one hell of a job. It brings with it a lot of stress and discomfort if you don’t plan wisely. When we design things ahead of time, we save ourselves from uncalled pressure. And that’s what an excelling management team does. 

Whether it is about your business’s outgrowth or anything, always make a timeline. Not only create a schedule but make sure that you follow it. Here is a well-researched checklist explicitly designed to save your business from becoming inefficient. 

Four months before shifting: 

Of course, you won’t decide it a night before that you’re relocating like we do with talking about star wars quotes and the sensational talks. There must be some planning which you’d have done in the backend of your mind. Right? Start by jotting down your thoughts on your shifting. Make a vision statement and list down all the pros and cons of your decision. Never plan things alone, but involve the whole team in it, as this is going to affect the entire unit, not you alone. 

It’s crucial to look at your current resources, how much capital do you have? What is your human resource? What do you have in store for you? And lastly, as I have mentioned this before, get your team involved. Split the entire unit into bunches and divide them their tasks. Decide your date of moving, then plan accordingly. Look at your inventory and place order for the things of which you’re short.

Make a list of the things which you want to change, renovate, and donate. Plan a site visit and get the blueprints of the design plan. Check if the new place of shifting is big or small. If it’s a big space, then you’ll have to order more furniture. Also, determine the no. of employees who’ll be working in the new office. Contact your leaser. It’s imperative to give prior notice to your contractors and inform them about your date of leaving and terminating the current lease plan. 

Two months before leaving: 

Please call the individual department heads and get their input on your project. The IT department holds a central place in any office, as this is where the data is stored. For any office, record-holding is essential. If the data gets lost, there are chances that the company might lose its name and more importantly, its productivity. So, to make sure that things work smooth, plan accordingly. Make sure you get the insurance certificates. Also, contact the furniture vendors and other vendors and communicate them the delivery dates. 

Identify reliable office moving companies. No matter how competent they are, you need to keep your ears open while shifting. Start a hiring campaign to recruit new security personnel for the new office. Make sure you file a request for change of address, telephone, and fax numbers. Communicate further contact details to your clients, partners, affiliates, and stakeholders. Look for a suitable parking space in or around the premises of the new office. Book an escalator and confirm your contract. Make a master plan for each floor and communicate it with the floor heads. 

One month before shifting: 

Now we’re done with the initial work, but the real work is yet to come. Contact the vendors and make sure that the things you’ve ordered for have arrived. If there’s a change of plan, inform the vendors and re-order. Or if the arrived shipment has any defects, get it changed. Make frequent visits to the new office; look for any possible renovations. Make sure that the electricity, water, gas, and internet connections are up to date. Contact the service providers and tell them to initiate your service contract once you shift. 

Start packing; label everything. Put tags on every little thing you want to take with you. Make team leads, and assign them their tasks of packing. Leave one day for one room; it will help you be more organized. Don’t empty the file cabinets. Take them as it is, but make sure to wire wrap the holders, so nothing spills out. Separate the things you want to discard and recycle. Arrange packing crates and boxes. Your luggage must arrive in the new office, a week before your leaving. Make sure you get the new building deep cleaned before moving. Hire a cleaning service and get both the offices cleaned and cleared. 

Contact the movers and decide a date of moving. Make sure that you’ve given the new building’s floor plan to each department with added facilities. Never forget to confirm the availability of the loaders. 

A week before moving: 

Now that the date of closing nears go through the inventory. Make sure that everything necessary is in the packaging lot. The keys and the file cabinets shall be wire locked. Also, put temporary quotes referring to the directions and rooms. The upgraded furniture and other office supplies are in their places.

Unplug the central machinery a week before leaving. As if you unplug and pack it earlier, how will you run your office? Confirm your area of work during the shifting days. As you don’t want to stop your business operations, keep them going. Make sure you prepare the instructional booklets for reinstalling the equipment in the new office. It will save time and effort.

Also, stack a bunch of snacks in the new office prior moving. 


The moving day:

On the day of moving call a short meeting and discuss the moving plan with your employees. Ask your employees to submit the old keys and hand them over the new ones. Inquire them about their designated tasks of packing. Make sure that everything gets carefully loaded into the van. After loading, take an in-depth tour of the empty office and make sure that nothing is left behind. Keep the lading bill with you, until you reach. This bill will help you in-case of any accidents or damage. The moving company has to pay back any loses. 

When you reach the new building, start unpacking. Follow the instructional booklet for assembling the equipment. Retest every device and get it serviced before installing. In this way, if any dust particle gets stuck in it during packing, it can be removed. And the machine’s efficiency won’t get affected. Don’t dump the packing material, instead recycle it.

It is always preferable to plan ahead and to avoid any inconvenience on shifting day. Your employees have worked hard to see this day, collaborate with each other and give yourselves a treat by having a fine dine ☺ This will freshen the mood up and your employees will be satisfied and content. 

Office Moving Boxes and Accessories

You’re moving an entire office to a new place, Ah-it’s hectic. A lot of patience, hard work, stress, and the cost get involved. But we are looking for some budget-friendly options. No matter how much we try to stay in our budget, we can exceed it. From where does this added expense comes? Somebody asked. Here is a long list; the moving containers, traveling, damaged or stolen equipment, and it continues. But we have a solution to everything. To increase your business proficiency, adopt these strategies, and keep winning on life. 

Office moving boxes:

If you have a big company and you’re getting massive revenues, you won’t mind investing in moving boxes. But for small scale companies, I won’t suggest this. Plan a market tour with your colleagues, visit different departmental stores or book stores. People often throw these boxes away once their shipment arrives. Big stores like Walmart and Tesco give their boxes for free. Look for sturdy boxes; in which your goods won’t get damaged. If there is some defacing, ignore it. You can fix it using high-end commercial duct tape. 

You can also refer to social media community groups and post there that you need some moving boxes. Our world is full of generous people; there will be a lot of helping hands coming forward. Refer to the recycling hubs of your community; they will provide you with cheap up-cycled boxes. 

Before you rush to buy the moving boxes, look around the office itself. Scan the office store you’ll for sure find some old boxes lying in there, waiting to get used. 

There’s a common assumption that big boxes store a lot. But, wait you’re wrong. Bigger boxes are no less than a drama. They’ll bluff you like anything. Make a rule that you’ve to use the smaller ones and try to fit in maximum items in them. We believe that bigger boxes can store a lot and save us from stress. But they only occupy more space and fewer goods. I am sure you’ll be thinking to put your favorite curved office lamp in a fairly big box. And it must be fragile having a unique mirror work on it so nothing else can sit alongside it. Right? Yeah right. So, in conclusion, put those items which you think are substantial, separate. Not in the box. 

Crates and bins:

Moving office is an accomplishment. But the fatigue it carries along with it is unexplainable. Moving crates are also used globally to pack your goods and transfer them to the new location. There are a few moving crate service providers, from whom you can rent out their crates. These guys will bring empty containers to your office; you will pack the goods and seal them. After you make sure that everything is in there, take your supplies to the new vicinity. Once you’ve unloaded and unpacked, they will come to pick-up their empty crates. These crates are eco-friendly. They decompose much quicker than the cardboard boxes. One of the many benefits of using the moving crates is this that they are stackable. They occupy less space, and they’ve rolling wheels installed under them. You won’t tear your arm muscles carrying those bulky cardboard boxes. 

Use bins for storing the minute office supplies. You can put your planters in them to save space.


Never forget to label your boxes. Label everything. Use several colored permanent markers; they are ideal for labeling. Their ink won’t spill out, and your writings will be safe. Use the numbering technique; assign a number to each department. Let’s say if the marketing department is assigned the number One, label each box which belongs to the marketing unit as ‘One. It will help you keep track of all the containers belonging to individual departments. 


One of the most tiresome processes is packing the equipment. Give special instructions to the loaders about your expensive equipment and furniture. I would recommend you never throw away the original boxes of the machine. Prefer packing them in the same containers in which they had first arrived. Use bubble wrap or linen to pack them, and then put in the box. Take a bunch of newspapers or used papers and use them as lining. You can use thermocol or foam sheets to surround your equipment. In case of any accidents, this will prevent your machinery from a collision. Instruct the loaders to keep the stuff under controlled temperatures. The reason being, many electronic devices require a certain degree of warmth for their storage. You should appoint a particular person to go with the van, as there are chances of theft. 

Kits and supplies: 

You’re likely to have different sizes of items to pack. For this, you need to have various sizes of boxes, more sturdy boxes for lightweight items and smaller ones for more substantial goods. Use a double lining of cardboard to pack fragile items. Along with boxes and padding, you will need to purchase a lot more other things to secure your shift. 

Packing tapes will ensure you keep your boxes safe when you move from your old office to the new location. Along with packing tape, you’ll also need a couple of markers. To label, use color markers. Box cutters, zip lock bags, and mattress covers are used to keep your items clean and scratch-free. Bubble cushioning is very useful to protect the fragile goods. As you’ve covered and wrapped everything, don’t forget to seal the strapping using a strapping sealer. 

Along with these, you’ll also need some water-resistant sheets, transparent sheets, and industrial blankets. These categories of leaves are used to protect your luggage from any damage. 

Heavy-duty machine moving skates are used to load the machinery into the van. Place the boxes one on one, tip the stack forward by pushing on the top edge. After tipping the stack, slide the cart under by pushing with your foot. As done, load the piles into the van like we do at our bradford removals company

Office supplies are the most lost goods. Because they are minute and they get misplaced easily. I have come up with an easy suggestion; don’t empty the drawers. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Keep the stationary into the drawers; let them be paperclips to stapler pins. Let it be a stack of A4 pages to erasers, sharpeners, pens, and whatnot. Don’t miss out on the signature stamps. Take heavy-duty duct tape and put multiple layers of it over the drawer until it’s fully covered. To keep everything safe; I have generated a list of all the essential supplies you need for moving. 

Now that you’ve packed everything, you’re ready to go 🙂

Office Moving Checklist and Safety Tips

We, humans, possess a perpetual attitude. We can’t remain constant, and we don’t stick to the same habitat for a long time. Just like this, our workplaces need some relocation as well. This relocation can boost your profits from zero to millions. 

But moving an office is no easy job. Our offices do have some bunches of teams working hard to maximize profits. An office involves business-owners distributors, shareholders, and customers. Keeping everything intact is what a good manager does. 

Due to unplanned activities, your high-end machinery can get damaged. Getting a bump on your expensive hardware is no less than a nightmare. You can lose the well sought-after data. Imagine losing a client’s profile, even the thought of it sickens the soul. To avoid any unpleasant happening, follow the following steps before shifting. 

Office moving checklist:

First of all, make a checklist. Make sure you prioritize the tasks. Start from the most critical-task to the least important one. Skillful and sensible planning will reduce your stress. A strong will-power will make your job a lot easier. 

A good office location can make its repute reach the heights. Cost and budgeting are the main aspects of a profitable move. Set a budget and don’t go beyond it. Limit your expenses if you want to save some money. Because once you’ve shifted to the new building, a lot of costs will pop out. 

Don’t shift your office in a residential area. But in an area where there is a business hub. Shift your office within the range of companies providing dedicated internet links. So, the system may not face internet issues. 

Find an office space where the landowners are demanding low rent. If your previous office building is on a lease, contact the leaser. Before signing the new agreement, clear any of your last dues. Pay any of your liabilities left, in-case of any loss to the rented building. 

Make a new short-term work plan which you’ll implement during shifting days. You can call a meeting and discuss it with your employees about the project. Get their opinions on the shifting and consider valuing their advice. 

Plan a visit to the new building; Make sure that the power connection of the building is up to the mark. So, in case of high voltage supply or power breakdown, the appliances are safe. Get the building deep cleaned before moving. Of course, you can’t move in a dirty office.

Hire a moving agency in bradford; don’t take the risk of moving your office yourself. It’s no good relying on your guts alone, try hiring an expert.

Check if you’ve got the moving insurance. These companies provide insurance services, as well. In case of any loss to your goods during the shifting, they will pay for it. 


It’s essential to keep your employees and sub-ordinates well-informed. Many businesses go broke because they don’t keep their front line well aware. They are the key people in your industry. So, it’s compulsory to keep the backbone of your business updated. 

Display a memo on the notice board, informing about the relocation. Or circulate an email. Along with the internal employees, educate your affiliates about your new location. Contact your service providers and ask them to provide you their services once you relocate. Don’t forget to mention the new address and contact details. You can publish a brochure. Or contact a news agency to circulate the news. People even run TV adverts to let the maximum people know about the big news. 

Packing tips: 

Pack your office goods with great care. Don’t rush or will lose your expensive furniture and other office supplies. It’s ok if you spend an extra hour in packing your goods. 

Make three categories of your goods. Pack all three of them separately and don’t take everything with you. Discard those items which are either worn out or are in no use. Before you shift to the new building, make sure that the goods which your office won’t run without are already in there. Bring the essential items later on. Donate those items which you think you will not need anymore. 

Consider the new office layout and design plan before packing. It’s not a bad idea if you get the snapshots or a rough sketch made, of the new building. It might help you with your purchase and packing decisions. What is the reason that I have interlinked these two terms? If your new office doesn’t have a big cabinet space, you know what to do. 

Pack all the documents and the office files in a big container. Make separate boxes for each department. Once you shift, handover each box to the respective department. It will keep you hustle free and, no vital records will lose or get misplaced. Keep a soft copy in the hard disk for every office file. If any document or data gets lost, you will have a backup saved in the hard drive. 

Use color codes; as in assign one color to each department. Label your boxes. Not only write the labels on the top of the box but the sides as well. Because when the boxes load in the moving van, their heads are not visible. It will add better comfort. 

Pack the fragile items with extra care. Use bubble wraps or a spare set of sheets to cover them and then, put them into the box. Write in bold letter on the storage that these items need transferring with extra care. Tell the moving guys that they shall place these boxes on top of the luggage. Due to high pressure, there are chances that these items might break. 

Leave it on the moving guys to pack the electronic equipment and the furniture. As it’s their job and, they better know how to do things. But, as far as the little items, you should pack them yourself. In this way, you’ll see where you’ve kept what. 

Security tips:

Shifting is a tiresome process. To save yourself from havoc, supervise the packing process. Assure that everything is the van. Sometimes, when in a hurry we can forget any of our goods behind. The movers often smash the products into the loading van without taking care of how fragile they are. Alert them and give prior instructions. Tell them to handle the heavy-duty furniture and electronic equipment with deliberate care. 

Labeling can save your life. Label each container differently, so that you know where you’ve kept what. Keep the financial records only with yourself. No matter how reliable are the movers, you can’t trust them with your company’s finances. 

It’s suggested to move along with the moving truck. If you can’t go yourself send any of your managers. Make a checklist of the goods loaded in the truck. Upon unloading, cancel those items which are out of the truck.

House Removal Checklist & Guide

Great for you to get a new house! It must be a very exciting phase of your life. But have you properly planned a removal before you move? What inventory list is on your mind to check-in? Since moving is a complicated process you must have many questions in your mind! Worry not, to get you at ease, we have provided a House Removal Checklist. This removal guide has been divided into 3 sections: Before Moving, On The Day You Move, and Once Moved. Following these tips will guide you throughout!

Have a happy removal ahead!

Before Moving

There are certain things you need to make sure before moving. These tasks on our inventory checklist will help you keep your head out of all the pains afterward.

Start research

At least 90 days before moving, start researching about the moving companies. If you start even before, the better it will serve! You can search either online or by asking friends. How to choose a removal company, will be explained later in this article. Also research about the new area you are shifting in. Make sure about the water supplies, hospitals, schools, and other facilities.

Transfer your records

Make sure that you have a “Who to inform/Transfer records” bullet on your house removal checklist. Since you are getting shifted to a new place, it is very important to change the address for all the records. Contact your Banks, Government Authorities, Children Schools, and other Utility organizations. These official procedures may often take some time. Therefore, depending upon your experience with the institutes, you can decide when to inform each.

Mail redirect

If you have been living in the previous house for a long time, it might be difficult for your contacts to know about your new address. For such a situation, to make sure you do not miss a single mail or post from your loved ones, the best tip on this guide is a mail redirect. You can simply contact the post office for change in address. The procedure usually takes less than a fortnight. 

Clear the clutter

Perhaps, the most difficult part of shifting is to clear the clutter of the previous home. While living, you may not notice, but when it comes to moving and packing the things, an unworthy mess has to be cleared. Following tips will help you sort out such a situation:

  • Out of the large mess, categorize the things as to be used, to be thrown, and to be sold.
  • Start packing the most obvious items that are not used daily so that you may save time at the time near to moving.
  • Instead of doing all the work on the day of moving, start clearing the mess 2 or 3 weeks earlier.

How to choose a removal company?

You may have been going very well with all the tasks mentioned in your inventory list. However, even if you do everything perfectly, choosing a non-standard removal company will ruin all your excitement. Follow the following tips as they will guide you on how to save your back while selecting a removal firm.

  • Do not opt for it. Do a complete research about removal companies near you.
  • Visit them or ask them to visit your house, get deep insights about their quotes and reviews.
  • Do the same for multiple companies and compare their quotes.
  • Clear all the confusion regarding the terms and policies by asking them.
  • If you have fragile items, you must go for removal insurance.
  • Analyzing the firm’s quotes and integrating them to your personal needs, select the one with good repute and affordable price
  • Remember, do not opt for a company from far off area. Go for the one near your vicinity.

On The Day You Move

Finally, the day has come. You are going to embark upon a new journey ahead. It is the time when your hormones can go high. Beware, do not let yourself be blown away with your emotions. Save the enthusiasm for new house celebrations. What you have to do on this day?

  • Be calm, and double-check the house removal checklist. 
  • Do not panic, even if you have missed something. Look for it and make it complete as possible. Even if you cannot handle it, for now, take the important leads and leave the rest. It will be even better if you mark a preference level against each bullet a day before.
  • Check if all the boxes are properly labelled.
  • Place the keys at an easy to locate place so that new residents may find no difficulty.
  • Check for the necessary payments you have made, it would be better to take pictures of all your bills to be on the safe side in case of some claim.
  • Receive your movers and start loading.
  • Make sure you have turned off all the main switches before you leave.

Once Moved

Congratulations! At last, out of various hurdles and procedures, you have made it. It is surely a moment of great pleasure and satisfaction as you had with  your removals company near you. You have gone very well through your house removal checklist. Just a few chores needed to be done now!

  • Make sure that everything is unloaded under your supervision.
  • You may even take a tea or coffee break to relax after all the wearisome work.
  • Guide the workers to place which box in which room. You may also have someone on your behalf to instruct them.
  • Once everything is unloaded properly, count on the boxes once again to make sure if anything is missing!
  • If you have paid the removal firm for cleaning and setting also, supervise them for the service.
  • Do not just sign the removal documents, make sure that all your belongings are intact.
  • Even if you discover some broken items after some days, check the claim-period mentioned on removal insurance papers to claim for its price.
  • It would normally take 3 or 4 weeks to unpack and set everything as you want. Take your time as you like it. Check out if the house needs some extra baggage or services before throwing a new house party!

Choosing House Removal Insurance and Why You need it?

What is the most important part of house removal? Including packing, loading, setting, and cleaning, there are several chores needed to be done. Surrounded by all these removal tasks, a mover’s mind is always on high traffic. Home shifting is such a burdensome process which does not permit the mover to take a single sigh of relief unless the complete job is done. Once the shifting is over, a person can enjoy the fruit of fulfillment. But hold on! What if a mover did the whole shifting job, and just before he was going to breathe in the new air, he found pieces of commodities broken during transport. Such a pity! After all such tideway efforts, the mover is overcomes by a pang of depressing guilt rather than pursuits of achievement. So in which particular part did he make a mistake? was it in packing, loading, unloading, or else? The answer is, this mover did not make a mistake in any part, rather he missed an important part; house removal insurance. Moving a house is not just about picking things and get transported to the new house. Transport is a major part, but it will be of no use if the transported material is damaged or stolen. That’s the point where insurance bumps in like a savior, providing you a golden chance to claim for your auspicious belongings, in case of some collateral or accidental damage. Even if a removal company claims for its liability, but to be on the safer side, the best practice is always to get some van insurance.

How it saves you?

insurance is to get you covered for the unexpected accidents which could result in damaging your items. It may sound like an extra expenditure at first, especially when you are low on budget, but on the other hand, the consequent cost in case of any damage may be double than this insurance money. No matter how prestigious a mover firm is, there is always a chance of damage. For long-distance shifting, the odds become even greater. Therefore, good removal companies always ask you for home moving insurance. You also have a choice to get insured your items for shifting by some third party. 

How to save your own back?

You may opt for it as you like. However, before you hire a removal company, always be clear with the terms. In general, average moving companies will just provide you an oral guarantee on their behalf with no compensation for the possible damage. They would only be susceptible to a mere liability. Some may even trick you by providing compensation, but the amount will not be worth the damage. Although that’s some kind of piracy, on legal terms, you will not be able to challenge them. So how will you be able to cover your items during the removal? Worry not, we have some easy to follow tips and guidelines. Following these points, you will be at greater odds saving all your back from unexpected accidents or unknown stealth cases.

  • First of all, check your home insurance documents if they will provide you a cover in case of removal or not! Usually, home insurance provides you a cover for all your home items as long as you do not move the house. In some cases, for an extra amount the home insurance may also cover for removal. If they do not insure, then you may opt for a house removal insurance either by your removal agency or by other insurance firms. 
  • Read in detail the house removal insurance policy. Clear your confusion at any point asking the providers.
  • Check, if it has special terms. For example, you may not be compensated for an improperly packed item. Improper packing refers to the packing done by either you or someone else than the hired removal company. Therefore, the best choice is to do not pack the materials yourself. Some moving firms also provide special packing services.
  • Some policies may fix a period to make a claim within. Read carefully, and then follow the terms.
  • This may be very tricky sometimes. Some removal companies are insured by other agencies to compensate in terms of damage. But they do not know the real price of a mover’s things. Consequently, they may provide you the compensation which does not equal the price of the lost item. Hence, be very careful before accepting the offer. You may present a verdict about the real value of your belongings before signing an offer. 
  • To choose the best option, get multiple quotes and compare all the house removal insurance policies provided by each firm.

Removal insurance types

Although, having keen care for the belongings, the trend for removal insurance is not very popular. According to an estimate, more than 30% of people do not go for house removal insurance. And about 33% of people do not look for the cover amount in case of damage. However, the perks of removal insurance can be enjoyed by carefully analyzing the details. In general, the following types of removal insurance are provided by moving firms:

  • Public liability insurance: This type of insurance is owned by nearly all businesses. It provides coverage when someone from the public or someone’s property is damaged. For removals, the firms may provide you cover if you or your property is damaged accidentally.
  • Goods in Transit insurance: It compensates for the item damaged or lost while transport.
  • Employer’s liability insurance: It relates to the claims made by employees against removal firms. 

Removal van insurance

If you have got yourself a truck and do not want to go for house removal insurance, van insurance can get you covered. Removal van insurance is the insurance for the removal van carrying all the furniture and the goods. A simple removal van insurance can be helpful providing you a compensation not only for the vehicle but the items, furniture, sofas, beds, boxes, etc all the baggage put in it while transporting to the destined house. All the removal firms have van insurance on their part.


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Buying House Removal Boxes or Kits? Get the Best Advice

Have you ever been in a panic regarding packing your belongings? Well, I have been quite often. It was always such a tedious and weary task for me whenever I had got to move, either to a new flat or to the next hostel. You may live in a room without noticing the mess of accessories you have collected. Only, when you are moving, it bumps right into your face. The situation becomes even worse when you get a deadline to collect all the things but don’t know how to clear the clutter. That pressure builds up into aggression ultimately ruining the whole removal process. So what’s the right choice to tackle such a problem? Today when I remember my packing phobia in the old days, it appears, I never used proper house removal boxes. And that’s the gap many people create in their house removals process unknowingly!

House removal boxes come in different shapes, sizes, and categories. These cardboard boxes are very important in packing accessories. Sometimes, they even come as special kits along with packing paper and other equipment. They are used to pack various household items such as dresses, books, instruments, glassware, etc. Household equipment once packed inside these boxes can be transported to the new house or be stored. The major purpose of house removal boxes is to protect the material from every possible damage during the removal and transport process. Learning a skill to make proper use of these moving boxes not only saves the time but scrutinizes the whole shifting.

How to make proper use of house removal boxes?

These days, several removal kits consisting of packing paper, and removal accessories are available to help out movers. However, equipment alone is nothing unless you know the art of making its proper use. Given below are some helpful tips illustrating the method to use house removal boxes:

  • First of all, select the right box for the right kind of material to be packed. It means, out of a variety of moving boxes, specify which material would be suitable in which size of the box. e.g., heavy material will be more suitable in smaller boxes and lighter material in large ones.
  • While choosing a box, its size, shape, and strength are very noteworthy. No doubt, a large capacity box can sum up more baggage but it will be difficult to carry in the transport truck. Therefore, a compromise has to be made between the capacity and type of material to be loaded.
  • Antique or sensitive equipment such as glass accessories should be packed in specialized packing paper or kits to ensure their protection. Special moving box with inside dividers or foam pockets will also be a good choice for fragile items.
  • Home moving boxes have different strengths depending upon their manufacture either as single or double-walled, leading from a thickness of 5mm to 30mm respectively. The double-walled boxes have an advantage over single-walled boxes to maximize the protection and a fine stacking for the materials.
  • If you have a vast house, put each box in a room and keep on adding the items so that each room’s items are packed in separate boxes. While packing the accessories, the best practice is to list all the contents put in a box.
  • Various house removal kits provide other packing equipment such as roll tape, bubble wrap, etc. They can also be exploited along with house removal boxes to manage the belongings subtly.
  • House removal boxes can be folded. This feature renders them a superiority over plastic packing materials.

Order kits instead of individual boxes

Either one way or the other, who does not want to save his or her precious money? Well! If you are looking for a means to make your house removal easy and affordable, get yourself equipped with moving boxes kits. These kits offer you a complete set of boxes, marker pens, furniture cover, packing paper, removal equipment, and all the accessories for complete house removal. 

Getting individual house removal boxes is a burdensome process. Furthermore, you never know the removal companies will offer you new or old worn out boxes! Usually, the hired company asks you to return the home moving boxes immediately after unloading. Worst of all, is the tiring effort of finding exact size boxes for exact home items. Utilizing removal kits saves you from all of such issues. Moreover, you can save more than 28% by purchasing the kits instead of separate house removal boxes.

Looking for affordable packing?

We at Bradford Removal Services, have earned a reputation for providing excellent removal services over Bradford in particular and the UK in general. Along with the moving service, we also provide the best packing material to our valued customers. Whether you are looking for house removal boxes or whole kits including all the equipment and accessories, we will always be at your very doorstep. We provide all kinds of packing material including cardboard boxes, packing paper, wardrobe covers, bubble wrap, furniture cover, and various types of rolls. We believe, house removal is the most exciting phase of a person’s life. Whether it is for the very first time or after many trials, our professionals tend to enhance the user experience in each dimension with a fresh outlook. We are an experienced team of experts providing all kinds of removal services for a long time. Our portfolio is as rich as our values. From domestic removals to office removals, and from office removals to international removals, Bradford Removal Services has always been at the very edge of excellence. So if you are looking for affordable and up to the mark removal services or seeking to get standard packing material such as house removal boxes or kits, do not hesitate to contact us. We will guide you in a healthy and customer-oriented friendly environment at our very best. We seek an honest relationship with our clients providing the best possible quality of our services. Order us now!

Choosing the Best House Removal Companies

Man has always been moving from one place to the other since the dawn of human civilization. In early historic days, amenities were less and it did not take much to shift your belongings. Usually, the whole load could be packed in a wrapped cloth or bale and transported by simply hanging over shoulders. Moreover, in the old days, people did not move very often from one place to the next. Moving trend and the belongings both were minimal. However, as the civilization grew and technology advanced, the cultural process progressed adding a lot more possessions to a single man. A bale was not enough now, so the carts and carets were employed.

Coming to the modern world, technology has lead to an immense development both in terms of amenities and shifting trends. Nowadays, people shift their households too often. According to an estimate, on an average monthly basis, nearly 100,000 people move their houses in the UK. With that massive drift, even if a person has small baggage, the busy routine of work and lifestyle makes it so difficult to move all the belongings individually. That’s the gap, filled by house removal companies.
Removals or movers firms provide the complete service leading from packing and loading of things to the unloading and setting of all the household belongings. Whether you are moving to a new house or shifting your office setup to another city, house removal companies provide equal options and opportunities serving through the whole process in a very professional way.

Removal Types

By removals, people get the idea of moving things from one place to the other. However, there are various types of removals depending upon the pickup place and destination site including house removal, office removal, and international removal and their cost varies as well. House removal companies provide their services for each type of removal.

  • House removal: It includes shifting the things from a previous house to the new one either within the same town or another city.
  • Office removals: Office removal is slightly different than house removal. It includes shifting the office holdings to the new setup.
  • International removals: Moving from one country to another is a difficult process. It is not just as moving to the next city or next office. Therefore, only the firms having extraordinary reviews should be chosen.

Extra Services

Many people consider it just a matter of loading things. But coming to real grounds, it is not as simple. If you live in a small flat with a little volume of things, you can do it individually. However, the options are cut short when it comes to moving a whole house. Even a single error can damage your precious items. Especially the antique and fragile items need special care. Besides, heavy bodies as wardrobe, washing machines, statues, etc require a lot more than individual effort. Therefore, a wise decision will be hiring house removal companies. Reviews of a company will give you enough insights while hiring the one. Removal firms have experts who make sure that all your baggage remains intact while transporting. Not only just moving, but house removal companies also provide extra services depending upon the client’s demand and budget. These include:

  • Packing: Most of the items such as furniture can be transported simply by loading over the van. However, some special items require packing before loading. Material packing enables a high degree of protection keeping the things intact. If a client wants to pack other things as well, he or she can get the service by simply adding it to the bill. 
  • Unpacking: Along with packing, unpacking the things to a new house is also an extra service provided by house removal companies.
  • Cleaning: Usually, removal firms are only responsible for moving things. However, a person may also get a cleaning service over certain circumstances. This includes cleaning the house and transport items. Sometimes, the setting of the unloaded items may also be included.
  • Storage: If there is a gap between the dates of loading and unloading items, house removal companies provide a storage service. Storage options help out under situations when you have a deadline to remove your items from a previous home but the new house is not available at the moment. You can store the things and move when the new destination is confirmed.
  • Removal insurance: Good house removal companies also provide removal insurance for the items depending upon their value. You can claim the value of a damaged item afterward.

Which ones are the best House removal Companies?

Plenty of house removal companies are available in the market. With this much variety of firms and services they provide, it becomes a difficult decision to hire a particular company. Since there are many options so how will you decide out of all these choices which one is the best? The answer is simple but tricky. For our audience, we have sketched out a brief protocol to be followed while selecting a removal firm.

First of all, check out the reviews of multiple house removal companies. You can find the authentic reviews at different social media platforms as well as on specific lifestyle forums, or even by asking your friends. Only counting on reviews is not enough. Since the reviews may be fake or forged. Check out the whole portfolio, quotes, packages, and services of several firms near you and compare them. A comparative analysis of different companies will give you sound information. The best tip is to plan the whole removal yourself. Even if you get the top-notch company out of hundreds of options, planning is still very important. After all, no one knows about your baggage better except you.

We at Bradford removal Service, pride in providing our clients sole guidance and the opportunity to cast out the whole removal process as they like. Values are our standards. We provide a quality service with affordable rates cutting out all the difficulties. Whether a domestic removal to the next town or a far off international removal, our professionals put equal effort as to deliver the most promising work. Call us now at : 0800 0862860