Office moving furniture or equipment

Furniture is an essential component of the workplace. Either you are dealing with property business or running an editorial office, you need more or less furniture. This can be an office table, boss chair, some comfortable chairs for visitors and a few cupboards for keeping records. Well, all these components give an office a complete look. Types of equipment in an office includes computers, printers, photocopiers, and several other machines. Moving a table from one corner to another or shifting furniture from one corner of the city to another, we have offers for each task.

Planning is the ultimate source of relaxation. If you don’t plan well before going for a shifting, everything will go haphazardly. So it is better to plan and hire some professional to ease your process of shifting office.

Hiring a professional for work is not an easy task. Whether they will deliver your furniture completely intact or not? Can you take relief from the tiring job of shifting furniture from one place to another? So to reduce your burden and change this responsibility to some professional hands, Bradford Removal Service is here.

We are working in the central city of Bradford in England. Helping our customers with removal and shifting furniture in the town. The details of our services are as under;

Preparing a Checklist:

Shifting requires some pre planned activity. Whilst you are moving, make a list of furniture and equipment which you will take along. It saves your time and gives you the relaxation of eleventh-hour worries. You can estimate the amount of budget you have for the whole relocation and then hire some professional for the work. Bradford Removal Service offers a range of budget for their customers to give maximum relaxation.

Packaging of Furniture and Equipment:

If you have a plan of shifting to a new office and you want some professionals to deliver your items without any damage to them. You can take the services of professional at Bradford Removal Service. We have a professional team which works from loading the substances and then safely unloading them at your destined location. 

Shifting furniture is not an easy task for a person. You are not able to pack all of your furniture by yourself and then load it onto a truck. Now coming towards the shifting, we don’t directly load the substances in the vehicle and shift them. Our team members individually pack every item to assure that it will not get damaged while moving. The packaging comes with international standards. The packaging of sensitive items like computers and electronic gadgets is done with complete care.

Office furniture includes expensive and antique items. While some of the items are difficult to disassemble by yourself, and moving furniture without disabling them would damage the furniture. So, you need to think before shifting and hire the services of a professional because we take care of what matters to you.

It is not necessary to take all the objects with you. If you think there are some worn-out objects, throw them away. Keep in mind to pack all the essential documents with you. Some of the packing tips we use during our work are;

  • Disassemble the furniture so they can be adequately packed.
  • Adequately cover all parts of the disassemble items with wrapping sheet and tapes to avoid any scratch problem.
  • Delicate items like computers and printer machines, we separately packed with tapes and soft cardboard.
  • Our professional staff loads the products into the vehicle.

For moving laboratory equipment or the goods of a photo studio which contains expensive items, we take extra special care of them. These products also require special attention during shifting.

Want to self supervise the staff for reliability?

If you don’t want to leave everything on the working staff, you can take time to supervise the team during the packing process. When you are managing by yourself, you also have an idea that everything is going smoothly.

Loading and Moving

Once we pack the furniture and equipment, we need to load them on the vehicle for delivery. Well, loading requires a coordinated activity, and it is a strenuous task. A minute mistake in loading the goods can easily damage the goods of the customer. In the case of delicate and expensive equipment, we take a lot of care. Bradford Removal Service offer their customers with the best removal services and are famous throughout West Yorkshire for the high quality they provide on a regular basis.

For moving the goods to the destined location, we have suitable delivery vehicles. From small loading vans to trucks for delivery of heavy goods, we own a fleet of vehicles for every type of task. Apart from that, we also hire suitable vehicles for any allocated job we receive. Bradford Removal Service provide you with the best possible solution for your office removal.

Removal of Furniture and Shifting:

If you want to shift furniture, you are just one call away from Bradford Removal Service. You can call directly at our number 0800 0862860 and receive our services instantaneously. Our dedicated staff will contact you with your details and inform you about the team dealing with your request.

You can also get free quotes from our website by providing the following details on our website

When you fill out the above information, our staff will inform you about the estimated expenses. With that information, you can confirm your order if you want our services.

Our office staff is entirely reliable and trustworthy. We ensure you a smooth process with your office shifting while you think ahead of your future tasks. We know every location inside Bradford and provide services to every part of the city.

Nothing moves by itself, whether it is a round conference table or a small side table. Everything needs some assistance to move, and that assistance is provided by moving professionals across the United Kingdom.

Office Moving Boxes and Accessories

You’re moving an entire office to a new place, Ah-it’s hectic. A lot of patience, hard work, stress, and the cost get involved. But we are looking for some budget-friendly options. No matter how much we try to stay in our budget, we can exceed it. From where does this added expense comes? Somebody asked. Here is a long list; the moving containers, traveling, damaged or stolen equipment, and it continues. But we have a solution to everything. To increase your business proficiency, adopt these strategies, and keep winning on life. 

Office moving boxes:

If you have a big company and you’re getting massive revenues, you won’t mind investing in moving boxes. But for small scale companies, I won’t suggest this. Plan a market tour with your colleagues, visit different departmental stores or book stores. People often throw these boxes away once their shipment arrives. Big stores like Walmart and Tesco give their boxes for free. Look for sturdy boxes; in which your goods won’t get damaged. If there is some defacing, ignore it. You can fix it using high-end commercial duct tape. 

You can also refer to social media community groups and post there that you need some moving boxes. Our world is full of generous people; there will be a lot of helping hands coming forward. Refer to the recycling hubs of your community; they will provide you with cheap up-cycled boxes. 

Before you rush to buy the moving boxes, look around the office itself. Scan the office store you’ll for sure find some old boxes lying in there, waiting to get used. 

There’s a common assumption that big boxes store a lot. But, wait you’re wrong. Bigger boxes are no less than a drama. They’ll bluff you like anything. Make a rule that you’ve to use the smaller ones and try to fit in maximum items in them. We believe that bigger boxes can store a lot and save us from stress. But they only occupy more space and fewer goods. I am sure you’ll be thinking to put your favorite curved office lamp in a fairly big box. And it must be fragile having a unique mirror work on it so nothing else can sit alongside it. Right? Yeah right. So, in conclusion, put those items which you think are substantial, separate. Not in the box. 

Crates and bins:

Moving office is an accomplishment. But the fatigue it carries along with it is unexplainable. Moving crates are also used globally to pack your goods and transfer them to the new location. There are a few moving crate service providers, from whom you can rent out their crates. These guys will bring empty containers to your office; you will pack the goods and seal them. After you make sure that everything is in there, take your supplies to the new vicinity. Once you’ve unloaded and unpacked, they will come to pick-up their empty crates. These crates are eco-friendly. They decompose much quicker than the cardboard boxes. One of the many benefits of using the moving crates is this that they are stackable. They occupy less space, and they’ve rolling wheels installed under them. You won’t tear your arm muscles carrying those bulky cardboard boxes. 

Use bins for storing the minute office supplies. You can put your planters in them to save space.


Never forget to label your boxes. Label everything. Use several colored permanent markers; they are ideal for labeling. Their ink won’t spill out, and your writings will be safe. Use the numbering technique; assign a number to each department. Let’s say if the marketing department is assigned the number One, label each box which belongs to the marketing unit as ‘One. It will help you keep track of all the containers belonging to individual departments. 


One of the most tiresome processes is packing the equipment. Give special instructions to the loaders about your expensive equipment and furniture. I would recommend you never throw away the original boxes of the machine. Prefer packing them in the same containers in which they had first arrived. Use bubble wrap or linen to pack them, and then put in the box. Take a bunch of newspapers or used papers and use them as lining. You can use thermocol or foam sheets to surround your equipment. In case of any accidents, this will prevent your machinery from a collision. Instruct the loaders to keep the stuff under controlled temperatures. The reason being, many electronic devices require a certain degree of warmth for their storage. You should appoint a particular person to go with the van, as there are chances of theft. 

Kits and supplies: 

You’re likely to have different sizes of items to pack. For this, you need to have various sizes of boxes, more sturdy boxes for lightweight items and smaller ones for more substantial goods. Use a double lining of cardboard to pack fragile items. Along with boxes and padding, you will need to purchase a lot more other things to secure your shift. 

Packing tapes will ensure you keep your boxes safe when you move from your old office to the new location. Along with packing tape, you’ll also need a couple of markers. To label, use color markers. Box cutters, zip lock bags, and mattress covers are used to keep your items clean and scratch-free. Bubble cushioning is very useful to protect the fragile goods. As you’ve covered and wrapped everything, don’t forget to seal the strapping using a strapping sealer. 

Along with these, you’ll also need some water-resistant sheets, transparent sheets, and industrial blankets. These categories of leaves are used to protect your luggage from any damage. 

Heavy-duty machine moving skates are used to load the machinery into the van. Place the boxes one on one, tip the stack forward by pushing on the top edge. After tipping the stack, slide the cart under by pushing with your foot. As done, load the piles into the van like we do at our bradford removals company

Office supplies are the most lost goods. Because they are minute and they get misplaced easily. I have come up with an easy suggestion; don’t empty the drawers. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Keep the stationary into the drawers; let them be paperclips to stapler pins. Let it be a stack of A4 pages to erasers, sharpeners, pens, and whatnot. Don’t miss out on the signature stamps. Take heavy-duty duct tape and put multiple layers of it over the drawer until it’s fully covered. To keep everything safe; I have generated a list of all the essential supplies you need for moving. 

Now that you’ve packed everything, you’re ready to go 🙂

Buying House Removal Boxes or Kits? Get the Best Advice

Have you ever been in a panic regarding packing your belongings? Well, I have been quite often. It was always such a tedious and weary task for me whenever I had got to move, either to a new flat or to the next hostel. You may live in a room without noticing the mess of accessories you have collected. Only, when you are moving, it bumps right into your face. The situation becomes even worse when you get a deadline to collect all the things but don’t know how to clear the clutter. That pressure builds up into aggression ultimately ruining the whole removal process. So what’s the right choice to tackle such a problem? Today when I remember my packing phobia in the old days, it appears, I never used proper house removal boxes. And that’s the gap many people create in their house removals process unknowingly!

House removal boxes come in different shapes, sizes, and categories. These cardboard boxes are very important in packing accessories. Sometimes, they even come as special kits along with packing paper and other equipment. They are used to pack various household items such as dresses, books, instruments, glassware, etc. Household equipment once packed inside these boxes can be transported to the new house or be stored. The major purpose of house removal boxes is to protect the material from every possible damage during the removal and transport process. Learning a skill to make proper use of these moving boxes not only saves the time but scrutinizes the whole shifting.

How to make proper use of house removal boxes?

These days, several removal kits consisting of packing paper, and removal accessories are available to help out movers. However, equipment alone is nothing unless you know the art of making its proper use. Given below are some helpful tips illustrating the method to use house removal boxes:

  • First of all, select the right box for the right kind of material to be packed. It means, out of a variety of moving boxes, specify which material would be suitable in which size of the box. e.g., heavy material will be more suitable in smaller boxes and lighter material in large ones.
  • While choosing a box, its size, shape, and strength are very noteworthy. No doubt, a large capacity box can sum up more baggage but it will be difficult to carry in the transport truck. Therefore, a compromise has to be made between the capacity and type of material to be loaded.
  • Antique or sensitive equipment such as glass accessories should be packed in specialized packing paper or kits to ensure their protection. Special moving box with inside dividers or foam pockets will also be a good choice for fragile items.
  • Home moving boxes have different strengths depending upon their manufacture either as single or double-walled, leading from a thickness of 5mm to 30mm respectively. The double-walled boxes have an advantage over single-walled boxes to maximize the protection and a fine stacking for the materials.
  • If you have a vast house, put each box in a room and keep on adding the items so that each room’s items are packed in separate boxes. While packing the accessories, the best practice is to list all the contents put in a box.
  • Various house removal kits provide other packing equipment such as roll tape, bubble wrap, etc. They can also be exploited along with house removal boxes to manage the belongings subtly.
  • House removal boxes can be folded. This feature renders them a superiority over plastic packing materials.

Order kits instead of individual boxes

Either one way or the other, who does not want to save his or her precious money? Well! If you are looking for a means to make your house removal easy and affordable, get yourself equipped with moving boxes kits. These kits offer you a complete set of boxes, marker pens, furniture cover, packing paper, removal equipment, and all the accessories for complete house removal. 

Getting individual house removal boxes is a burdensome process. Furthermore, you never know the removal companies will offer you new or old worn out boxes! Usually, the hired company asks you to return the home moving boxes immediately after unloading. Worst of all, is the tiring effort of finding exact size boxes for exact home items. Utilizing removal kits saves you from all of such issues. Moreover, you can save more than 28% by purchasing the kits instead of separate house removal boxes.

Looking for affordable packing?

We at Bradford Removal Services, have earned a reputation for providing excellent removal services over Bradford in particular and the UK in general. Along with the moving service, we also provide the best packing material to our valued customers. Whether you are looking for house removal boxes or whole kits including all the equipment and accessories, we will always be at your very doorstep. We provide all kinds of packing material including cardboard boxes, packing paper, wardrobe covers, bubble wrap, furniture cover, and various types of rolls. We believe, house removal is the most exciting phase of a person’s life. Whether it is for the very first time or after many trials, our professionals tend to enhance the user experience in each dimension with a fresh outlook. We are an experienced team of experts providing all kinds of removal services for a long time. Our portfolio is as rich as our values. From domestic removals to office removals, and from office removals to international removals, Bradford Removal Services has always been at the very edge of excellence. So if you are looking for affordable and up to the mark removal services or seeking to get standard packing material such as house removal boxes or kits, do not hesitate to contact us. We will guide you in a healthy and customer-oriented friendly environment at our very best. We seek an honest relationship with our clients providing the best possible quality of our services. Order us now!