Offices are the essence of a person business and are the subject of the main attraction. There also comes a time when a person needs to change the location of their offices to become a center of attraction for its clients. When a person needs to shift the office, he surely cannot do it alone. He has to take the help of a service company that is closest to the office. There comes a time where he needs to check for the service providers, and if you are a resident of Bradford, you will come across the name Bradford Removals

Bradford Office Removal Services is among the best companies providing solutions for moving office furniture within the West Yorkshire area. We know the office material is of much importance to you, and one should handle it with care. We take the office material as the material of extreme worth and the material to be handled with extra care. The cost of moving the office furniture to a specific location is dependant upon the distance traveled. We have an estimated range of costs for the service we offer to the customers. We try our best to keep these services within your available range.

Estimate and Expenses:

The estimate for the required set of material to be transported to a specific location depends on the destined place, the route that is taken to transfer the content, the time taken and the weight of the moving goods. The total amount or a regular estimate can be evaluated by adding a certain amount according to the moving objects.

The estimate gives you the best possible rates that we will offer you for the sake of your convenience. This is solely because we value our customers more than money. 

Moving an office requires a specific amount of money to spend on shifting. The payment depends on the amount of material that you are going to transfer. We have some standards set for office removals, but our rates are flexible for the convenience of our clients.






The cost and expense of moving an office are entirely dependent on the importance of the material. However, as we have mentioned earlier that the total payment is negotiable according to our policy related to the clients.


We, as a growing company, are entitled to create and improve the policy regarding the clients. We offer you the best rates of any service company in your nearby. We have a system of going with the budget of the clients. This is because the clients reliability is essential to create a level of trust with the service provider. The budget you provide, help us to manage our services in the range of your budget, and to assist you with the best of our ability in that range of expense.

All the items listed below are just for demonstration purposes.

Sr. No Item details Transferring goods Amount
1 1xTable, 4x chairs, 1x cupboard… Furniture Call 0800 0862860
2 1x Table, 5x Chairs, 2x computers….. Furniture & Equipments Call 0800 0862860
3 3x Tables, 10x chair, 10x glasswares……. Furniture & Equipments Call 0800 0862860
4 4x Tables, 10x chairs….. Furniture Call 0800 0862860
5 Glasswares ….. Equipment Call 0800 0862860

The budget in a specified range and includes a specific set of services. Apart from the additional services for a consultant who gives you tips with office removals.


Below are some details that we provide while shifting your office.

1) Packing the product

2) Loading and unloading the furniture

3) Moving the items and equipment

Packing the product:

We offer a wide range of product packing. This packing starts from hard items like furniture parts which are first disassembled and then wrapped with suitable wrapping material. The office furniture is mostly wood or made from iron. Some items which are exposed to water can get easily damaged, hence the packaging should be waterproof. Bradford Removal Service offer their customers with the best packaging available for furniture removals.

We wrap the goods with polythene, poly film, corrugated paper, and bubble wrap. For expensive and delicate office furniture and items, we cover them multiple times as there is no crying over spilled milk. So, it is better to avoid the loss rather than crying after damage.

We don’t use bubble wrap directly on the glass objects. Before wrapping them with bubble wrap, we cover them with wrapping paper to avoid the formation of permanent impressions on the glass. Shrink wrapping and edge protecting wrapping are also applied to the furniture to safeguard damage while shifting. There is a chance that goods might rub against each other or with the walls of the vehicle during the transit.

Loading and Unloading furniture

Loading and unloading is an essential part of the shipment process as it requires a great deal of care. Bradford Removal Service offer their customers with the best professional staff to deal with the loading of the goods. They try their utmost best to get the satisfaction of their customers. Every single item is safely loaded onto the vehicle and stored adequately in the removal van. This is done to avoid any damage during the whole process of relocation.

Once we deliver the goods to the destination, our staff helps you with the unloading of goods. You don’t need to worry about the unpacking of goods. Our professional and hardworking team will do everything for you, as they will also place the furniture in your most desired room and space.

Shifting the furniture and equipment

The shifting of furniture is done with great care. Any damage during movement can lead to the loss of customer reliability and trust in the company. Apart from that, it may result in heavy cost to the customer. Bradford Removal Service is a very reliable firm whom offer their customers complete satisfaction throughout the West Yorkshire area.

We own a range of vehicles for our services. We also hire other cars according to the size of shipments and removals.

Bradford Removal Service offer you the best office furniture shifting solutions in the whole city. We offer the services within the range of your budget, and you can check these ranges from our official website

Why choose us?

We offer such assistance that no other removal companies are offering and neither can they compete with us. We take good care of your stuff and also offer cheap removals at competitive rates, which make us affordable and reliable.

Tips and Suggestions:

Save money on office moving by;

  • Removing unwanted papers and substances
  • Leave the worn out furniture
  • Throw away useless equipment

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