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Furniture Removals

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Our Professional and experienced staff will move your belongings with great care to your new location.

Having a dependable furniture removals service that you can call whenever you need assistance is invaluable. In the Bradford area, you won’t find a more reliable and responsible firm than Bradford Removal Service. No matter what kind of furniture you need to move, it is in safe hands when you entrust our experienced team with it.

Furniture removals are our specialty. We know that furniture can have sentimental as well as financial value, so we treat our customer’s property as we’d wish our own to be treated. This golden rule guides us toward standards of excellent customer service, which is why so many people return to use our service over and over again.

At Bradford Removal Service, we appreciate the importance of providing an attentive, efficient removals service. When you book our team, you can expect us to arrive on time, prepared, and ready to work. There’s no need to micro-manage us. From the second we arrive, you’ll enjoy peace of mind seeing us step straight into the action.

It’s understandable to feel a little anxious about furniture removals. Putting a precious piece into the possession of another person can be stressful, even if it’s only for a short journey. Rest assured that we will take every precaution to protect your property.

We haven’t kept loyal customers over the decades through a careless approach. We’re known for being meticulous in our approach. That’s what makes Bradford Removal Services the team to trust when it comes to removals of all kinds, especially furniture removals!

You may need a furniture removals service for a diverse range of reasons. Here are just 3 scenarios that may necessitate the involvement of Bradford Removal Service.

  1. You’ve bought furniture online and you need it delivered to your home.

    Thanks to sites like eBay and Facebook marketplace, it’s easier than ever to get a deal on some great second-hand furniture. However, these offers don’t always come with a delivery service included. Often, they’ll expect you to pick up your purchases.

    If you don’t have the vehicle or the heavy lifting skills to complete this task alone, count on us! This service also applies if you’re the one making a sale online, remember.
  2. A family member is moving out and taking some of the furniture with them.

    If you have an adult son or daughter, the time will eventually come for them to move into their own place. You might choose to set them up by sending them on their way with some furniture pieces. For example, they may want to take their bed to their new digs. Moving large items like this isn’t easy, which is why many people invest in a furniture removals service to handle it for them.
  3. You’re clearing out the house and you need to donate or dump some furniture.
    When the time comes for a spring clean or a renovation of your interiors, you may have pieces of furniture you want to get rid of. A furniture removals service can take items to the dump or the second-hand shop if you’re looking to donate.

Maybe a friend wants to take them off your hands. We’ll be happy to deliver these items wherever they’re destined to go.

So, you’ve realised you need the furniture removals services of a dependable firm. Why should you book Bradford Removal Service? Here are 10 reasons you should give us a call when you need furniture relocated.

    1. We’re tried and tested. Having operated in the Bradford area for so many years, local people know our team can be trusted. Why take a gamble on an unknown furniture removals service?


    2. We’re punctual. When you need to move furniture, you need to know that your removals firm will arrive on time and ready to get started. We don’t waste your time — we get the job done quickly and carefully!


    3. We know how to move all kinds of items. Our experience in the removals industry means that we’re prepared to deal with all kinds of furniture removals. Even complex items like pianos don’t worry us. We know what we’re doing!


    4. We arrive with the necessary equipment. One reason we are so efficient is that we’ve invested in the items we need to safely transport furniture. When you hire Bradford Removal Service, you save yourself money buying this equipment yourself.


    5. We’re friendly and professional. We love our work, and it’s our pleasure to support our local customers. That’s why we arrive with a smile on our faces and a positive attitude to the job. Our customers seem to appreciate it!


    6. We have spacious vans available. Your furniture won’t be crammed in the back of a car. Instead, it will be comfortably accommodated in a sufficiently sized vehicle. This ensures it arrives in perfect condition to its new location.


    7. We put customer satisfaction first. Our job is only done when the customer is happy with our work. We strive to go the extra mile on behalf of our customers. Need extra help? Just ask!


    8. We charge affordable rates. We don’t think furniture removals should cost the earth. We’re proud to keep our prices at a reasonable level, providing incredible value for money to our loyal customers.


    9. We have a great reputation in the local area. Reputation doesn’t lie! If you’ve heard of us through family and friends, that’s because they’ve already experienced our excellent service.


    10. We take our responsibility seriously. When it comes to furniture removals, we’ll do everything we can to ensure the safe arrival of your items.
  • It’s best to invest in a dependable removals service whenever you need to move furniture.
  • The right removals service will be punctual, professional, and experienced.
  • If you take a risk when it comes to furniture removals, you could end up with damaged pieces.
  • In Bradford, Bradford Removal Service offers affordable and comprehensive furniture removals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every furniture removals job is different. The price of your job will depend on how many pieces of furniture you wish to move. It will also be based on the distance that your removals firm needs to cover to complete your job. Choosing a consistently affordable firm like Bradford Removal Service will help keep costs down.

Check out local removals firms and see which have the best reviews. In Bradford, you won’t find better than our furniture removals service! Call around and ask for quotations — companies should be willing to quote you upfront. Aim for a service that’s high quality and reasonably priced. The team at Bradford Removals Service awaits your call.


Any decent removals service will guide you regarding the specific pieces you wish to transport. For example, some people prefer to disassemble items like sofas for safe transport. If your item could be rain-damaged, it makes sense to wrap it in protective plastic. We’d be delighted to discuss your particular needs and offer our expert advice.

Whether you need an insurance policy or not depends on the removals firm that you hire. Many removals firms already have insurance that covers your move. However, this is something you should clarify before you make a booking. If you’re transporting especially expensive items, you might prefer to take out your own policy.

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