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Domestic Removals

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Our Professional and experienced staff will move your belongings with great care to your new location.

Commercial removals require significant planning. Most companies schedule their relocations at least six months in advance to ensure they have time for all the preparation. Some plan as far as two years in advance! Of course, the amount of preparation involved depends on the size and type of the business.

Here at Bradford Removals, we’ve handled commercial removals of all sizes and types! Our expert team can help ensure your relocation is handled efficiently and responsibly. We recommend that you get us involved at the planning stage as we have worthwhile expertise to contribute.

Does your company have a coordinator for the relocation yet? It’s a good idea to have one point of contact when it comes to your contractors. Choose someone to oversee the move and they can delegate tasks to people on their team. One of their responsibilities will undoubtedly be to hire a removals company. In Bradford, that should be us!

Your plan should include a list of tasks that need to be done, when they need to be done, and who is responsible for doing them. Think about what you’ll need in-office up to the very last minute. This can reduce disruption to your usual business operations. Hiring a professional removals team to deal with all logistical aspects will keep your employees focused on their normal activities.

We’re happy to keep in touch throughout the planning stage. Once you’ve determined you’re moving date, we’ll put it straight into our diary. You can trust us to attend on the day punctually with a proactive approach and a positive attitude. Our goal is to make moving day manageable for you and your company.

We appreciate that businesses work from a budget, and we keep our prices reasonable for that reason. Your quote will reflect the work, time, and equipment required, but you can be sure that we’ll offer you competitive rates. When you consider the quality of our service, it’s excellent value for money.

Here at Bradford Removals, we urge you to consider the benefits of adding extra services to your commercial removals package. For example, our team could pack your company’s possessions up for you.

Yes, this may cost more, but it saves you significant time and ensures all equipment is safely packaged. We can also assemble your office furniture if required. Simply ask if you’d like more details regarding these options.

If you’re planning a domestic removal, we strongly suggest that you hire a professional company to handle this for you. Why? Because domestic removals require a lot of work!

Not only do you need to plan and pack, but you also need to lift and load items and transport them long distances.

Whether you hire a removals service or not, you’ll still need to hire a van and buy the necessary equipment to safely move your possessions.

If you’re going to spend that much money, why not invest in a professional service to handle the hard work for you? It will be a much more efficient and enjoyable process that way!

Most people want their move to be executed as quickly as possible so they can get settled in their new place. One way to ensure this is to hire a company that’s experienced in domestic removals.

Here at Bradford Removals, we’re knowledgeable about everything a domestic move requires to be successful. We certainly don’t think this is a job for amateurs.

If you attempt your own domestic removal, you risk damaging your possessions or experiencing a personal injury. This is exhausting work that requires certain techniques to be performed successfully.

We have been called at the last minute by many people who have realised that an amateur removal was unrealistic. That’s why we recommend you book the right company from the start and benefit from our comprehensive service.

Now you know that a professional removals service is a must when you’re planning domestic removals. If you live in the Bradford area, we recommend that you hire our team: Bradford Removals. Why? Because we have an established and experienced local business. You can trust us to perform this work to the highest standard.

Maybe you were reluctant to hire a removals service because you felt it wasn’t in your budget. You should check out our company. We are known for providing affordable services. Our rates are competitive, and we offer excellent value for money. 

What we are known for is exceptional customer service. We strive to say yes when our customers make a request, which means we often go the extra mile on their behalf. Delivering full customer satisfaction is our number one objective. We have been successful over the years because we have provided this consistently to our customers.

Domestic removals aren’t the only services we offer. We are experienced and skilled in all kinds of removals services. Having performed this work for so long, we know exactly what each removals job entails. There isn’t a removals job that we can’t handle! If you hire us to handle your domestic removal, you can feel confident that it will go smoothly.

There are many companies out there, but not every company is as trustworthy and reliable as ours. When you’ve been performing removals for as long as we have, it’s because you’re doing it right! You can trust Bradford Removals to make your move easy.

If this is your first time hiring a domestic removals company, bear the following things in mind:

  • It’s important to get the right company.
    Lots of companies claim to handle domestic removals. The fact is that they don’t all offer the same standard of service. If you want the best service possible, take the time to do a little research. It’s worth it! After all, this is the business that will be transporting your possessions across the country. You need them to be trustworthy.
  • You’re allowed to ask for quotations upfront.
    Make sure you’re not overcharged by asking for a no-obligation quotation before you book. If you’ve no idea what domestic removals usually cost, you might ask for a few quotes to make a comparison. Remember, you’re not just looking for a low price. You’re also looking for a high-quality service.
  • Additional services may be available.
    If you need a little extra help, don’t be afraid to ask! Companies like Bradford Removals offer additional services such as packing support or furniture assembly. These don’t come as standard but they can be incorporated into your quote.
  • It’s better to book in advance.
    Don’t leave it to the last minute! If you know when you’re going to move, book your removals service right away. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a company you don’t know because you’re preferred services were already booked. If you call Bradford Removals in an emergency, we will always try to accommodate your request. It’s better to be safe than sorry, though!

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s impossible to quote one price that fits all. Your quote will be determined using the information you provide about how much you need to transport and how far it needs to go. If you’re moving items that require special attention, like pianos, then this will also be taken into consideration, as well as any add-on services.


To ensure your removals are insured, double-check with any company you approach. Insurance policies are very strict and specific about what they cover. It’s best to confirm exactly what level of coverage your removals firm will be able to provide. In general, it’s best to hire a reputable, experienced firm to ensure your items are protected.


Your removals firm should know how to safely handle and load your items. Before they’re put in the van, you can keep them safe by packaging them correctly. If you need advice on the best methods and materials, feel free to contact us! Check the reviews of any company you hire to ensure that they are trustworthy.


This isn’t usually part of the service; however, you can request it. Some firms, like Bradford Removals, are happy to include it as part of their package. The extra work will be reflected in the price that you pay. When booking your removals firm, let them know that you’d like them to help you pack and unpack too.

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