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Commercial Removals

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Commercial removals require significant planning. Most companies schedule their relocations at least six months in advance to ensure they have time for all the preparation. Some plan as far as two years in advance! Of course, the amount of preparation involved depends on the size and type of the business.

Here at Bradford Removals, we’ve handled commercial removals of all sizes and types! Our expert team can help ensure your relocation is handled efficiently and responsibly. We recommend that you get us involved at the planning stage as we have worthwhile expertise to contribute.

Does your company have a coordinator for the relocation yet? It’s a good idea to have one point of contact when it comes to your contractors. Choose someone to oversee the move and they can delegate tasks to people on their team. One of their responsibilities will undoubtedly be to hire a removals company. In Bradford, that should be us!

Your plan should include a list of tasks that need to be done, when they need to be done, and who is responsible for doing them. Think about what you’ll need in-office up to the very last minute. This can reduce disruption to your usual business operations. Hiring a professional removals team to deal with all logistical aspects will keep your employees focused on their normal activities.

We’re happy to keep in touch throughout the planning stage. Once you’ve determined you’re moving date, we’ll put it straight into our diary. You can trust us to attend on the day punctually with a proactive approach and a positive attitude. Our goal is to make moving day manageable for you and your company.

We appreciate that businesses work from a budget, and we keep our prices reasonable for that reason. Your quote will reflect the work, time, and equipment required, but you can be sure that we’ll offer you competitive rates. When you consider the quality of our service, it’s excellent value for money.

Here at Bradford Removals, we urge you to consider the benefits of adding extra services to your commercial removals package. For example, our team could pack your company’s possessions up for you.

Yes, this may cost more, but it saves you significant time and ensures all equipment is safely packaged. We can also assemble your office furniture if required. Simply ask if you’d like more details regarding these options.

At Bradford Removals, we’re used to performing all kinds of removals services in Bradford and the surrounding area. However, commercial removals involve very specific considerations. This is because commercial removals are often on a totally different scale to a typical house removal. The logistics of moving an office that spans multiple floors is very different from moving a one-bedroom apartment.

Commercial removals require us to work in different locations. For example, we may be performing a removal in an office block. These commercial buildings have their own health and safety rules that we must adhere to. We may be working in warehouses with dangerous equipment too.

Usually, commercial removals require us to relocate more equipment than a house removal. They need to be handled responsibly. We understand that this equipment is often expensive, representing important business assets. You need a team you can trust to transport these items carefully.

Unlike house removals, commercial properties usually have a detailed floor plan that guides our work. We are often called upon to set up furniture and equipment in the new location. Businesses have strict timelines, too. Any slight delay can represent a huge loss. We appreciate that and work swiftly to ensure the relocation is completed on schedule. 

When the time comes to hire a removals company to perform your commercial removal, you may struggle to decide which service is best for you. In Bradford, we would suggest you contact our team. We have a great reputation in the area, and we earned that through our own hard work.

We’re known for our experience. We’re far from new to the removals industry! Because we’ve been performing this work for a long time, we know what to expect in all kinds of removals. We have honed our strategy so we perform the commercial removals as efficiently as possible. 

Another attractive feature about our service is that it’s very affordable. If your business is working from a limited budget, you should still find our services accessible. We offer a quality service at a low price, which means you’ll enjoy incredible value for money when you hire Bradford Removals.

We urge you not to fall into the trap of asking your own employees to perform your removal. They’re not trained in this work, so you’re risking damage to your business assets and injury to your staff members. Instead, let them continue with their own work as much as possible during the transition. Let the professionals handle the move!

The best way to ensure that your removals company is of high quality is to go with one that’s locally known and reputable. In Bradford, that’s Bradford Removals.

When you’re hiring a commercial removals company, bear in mind how important this relocation will be for your business. It’s worth taking the time to get the right service. Any delays or disruption could cause problems so you need a dependable removals solution. In Bradford, that’s us!

If you’re outside of Bradford, we recommend that you ask around for recommendations. Many of our clients come through word-of-mouth, and it’s a great way to find out the most trusted removals teams in the area. An alternative would be to check online reviews.

Once you have a shortlist of companies to explore, you should contact them directly and ask them for quotes. Clarify exactly what the service includes. Will they be involved in planning? Could they pack for you? Will they assemble furniture? Look for the most comprehensive service and excellent value for money. 

You may also want to check insurance coverage. Companies offer different levels of protection, so if this is important to you, make sure you clarify the details of their policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The exact cost of your commercial removal will depend on the company you choose. Some are more expensive than others! However, you don’t necessarily have to pay a fortune to enjoy a high-quality service. Bradford Removals is the proof of that — our rates are very reasonable. Contact firms directly and ask for no-obligation quotations. 

You can ensure your removal is covered by an insurance policy by asking the company directly. It’s worth asking for specific details because insurance companies can have very strict criteria. Insurance can offer an extra level of protection should an accident occur during your relocation. Your company may also enjoy coverage through your own policy.

When you’re choosing a commercial removals company, you can ensure the safety of your business’ equipment by hiring a reputable firm known for its consistent track record. Bradford Removals has been in operation for years, so locals know that we can be trusted. Make sure you don’t take unnecessary risks with unknown companies. 

Our commercial removals service is designed to handle all kinds of jobs, so a big office removals job is no problem for us. Different companies have different capabilities, of course. However, we have the trained team, the adequate vehicles, and the necessary equipment to handle large commercial removals jobs too. 

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