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Piano Removals

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We at Bradford Removals, provide our customers with a stress-free international removal service by making a thorough removal plan considering all the technicalities and formalities. From packaging to loading and from loading to unloading, our staff analyzes and supervises even the minute things associated with it. We not only provide you a relocation service but also help you out to pass the legal jurisdictions as per international policies regarding the items to be shifted. From Bradford to all over the United Kingdom, we have completed countless hallmark projects winning a never-to-beat top-notch status in the removals market all over. Get a free quote right now!

This is a question that we’re asked often, and we always respond with an unequivocal YES! Some objects can be moved fairly safely by amateurs, but pianos are not one of them.

The risks involved are multiple. Of course, you may damage the instrument. However, you may also damage your own walls or other possessions in the process, and that’s before we even get to the risk of personal injury. All in all, this is a job to be avoided unless you’re qualified to do it.

Our team has the expert knowledge required to handle your piano safely. We also have the equipment you’ll need to perform the job. Why would you buy this equipment — which you’ll hardly use — when you could instead invest in a service that will bring it along and do the hard work for you?

Maybe you’re concerned that hiring a removals team to move your piano represents an additional expense. There are affordable services out there! For example, the team at Bradford Removals provides piano removals at a reasonable rate. 

Considering how much it costs to repair or replace a piano, attempting an amateur removal to save money is clearly a false economy!

The best part about hiring a professional removals firm to relocate your piano is that you enjoy complete peace of mind. You know that your piano will be delivered safely to its new location. A piano is often a treasured possession. If you care about your instrument, you should pay for a professional service when the time comes to move it!

Bradford Removals has an excellent reputation as a removals service that’s able to handle any item you can imagine. That includes pianos! Our team members are trained, knowledgeable, and professional. They know the correct methods of transporting a piano, and they’re committed to delivering excellent customer service.

You’d think that such a reputable service would come at a high cost, but this simply isn’t the case! In fact, you can enjoy our piano removals service at an amazingly competitive rate. We pride ourselves on delivering value for money to our Bradford customers. That’s what’s kept us so popular with locals in the area.

When you hire a piano removals service, you want to be sure that the team will arrive punctually and prepared on the day, with a proactive approach to work. That’s exactly what we offer. You can depend on us to get the job done carefully and efficiently. Your piano will arrive on schedule and in the expected condition.

Although there are many removals services out there, we’d advise you to err on the side of caution when it comes to your piano. As we’ve explained before, it’s a particularly delicate item. It’s not your average heavy lifting task! It’s best to go with a company that specialises in piano removals, and in Bradford, that’s our team. You can trust us to handle it correctly.

There are several things you should bear in mind when the time comes to move your piano.

  1. Pianos are expensive. The last thing you want is to end up with a hefty bill to repair or even replace your instrument due to a shoddy removals job. Treat your piano with respect and hire a team that knows what it’s doing, like Bradford Removals. Our low prices make professional piano removals budget-friendly.
  2. Pianos are delicate. Although they’re big and bulky, they’re surprisingly easy to damage. Inside, many small pieces work together to make the piano sound. Even the slightest bump or scrape could alter its ability to function.
  3. Moving a piano requires equipment.
    To move a piano, you need more than many hands. You’ll need moving pads and straps to safely transport the instrument. It can’t be swung around recklessly — that could affect its intricate mechanisms. The right removals firm knows this.
  4. Your piano may need to be hoisted.
    Hoisting is the act of removing a large object from a building through the window. This is a sensitive process that definitely requires professional support to enact. If your piano is too big to be taken through a doorway or a corridor, this may be the only option!
  5. Piano removals are their own niche.
    In the removals industry, we know that specialist skills and knowledge is required to safely relocate a piano. You should only approach services with a proven track record of handling pianos to take on this kind of work. It’s not for any man with a van.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Bradford Removals, we’d be happy to quote you for piano removal. Before we can determine the amount, we’ll need to know how large the piano is and whether it’s upright or grand. We’ll also ask about where it’s being transported. With this information, we can give you a quotation with no obligation to book.


Before you dispose of a piano, make sure it can’t be used by someone else. Schools, homes for the elderly, and youth centres are just some of the places you might be able to donate your piano. If it’s in poor condition, though, give us a call! We’ll happily take it to the dump for you. It’s not an easy item to transport on your own, after all!


Most removal companies will agree to move a piano, but are they equipped to move it well? This is a better question. Check any company you’re considering thoroughly. Find out if they have previous experience handling this particular type of removal. Ask specific questions about how they approach it. Better safe than sorry!


It depends on the team that you hire to do it! If you choose a company like Bradford Removals, you’ll benefit from reasonable rates. We have moved all kinds of pianos in the past, and we won’t overcharge you for this service. An upright piano is tall, not wide. We’ll bear this in mind when we decide the best strategy for moving it.

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