House Removals Bingley to Leeds

Two days ago, George came to us with this house removal request. It was his first moving experience and he did not know much about the man and van services. Our managers received him with warm greetings and asked about his house items to be shifted. He told us he is moving from a village Eldwick located nearby Bingley to Leeds. He was not sure how many vans will be required to transport all the stuff. We ensured him not to worry and sent one of our removals experts to visit his house and sketch a layout for him. Accompanied by George, our man reached his house. It was a three-bed sized furnished home located on Southway Eldwick. Along with other commodities, George also needed some chairs, sofas, and beds to be moved. Our sent representative physically inspected the house as well as the items to be shifted and accordingly suggested 2 MWB transit vans along with 1 LWB transit van to make the removal all at once. We also offered George a free packaging service since he was our first client. He was happy with all the work. We remained in contact, and today a move was made from Southway Eldwick, Bingley to a house situated in Holts Crestway, Leeds. All the valuables were transported safely within no time. The fragile items were packed in special boxes and the heavy stuff was dismantled by professionals and then remounted at the new house. George was very much satisfied with our service.

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