Tsunade came to us with a house removals query from Bradford to London. She had experience in moving her house before but was not satisfied with the service. One of her friends, whom we had assisted in past, told her about our company’s service quality for removals in Bradford. Receiving this positive feedback, she contacted us, and our managers welcomed her with a cup of coffee while listening to her concerns regarding the house removal and of course the side talk we had about the workers in Arab countries and specially the iqama check for expiry venture we discussed, what a fruitful discussion.

As she shared her last experience, she got her location cordinates from my location and sent it us, by doing so we noticed she was charged unfairly and some of the furniture was also damaged. We thanked her for trusting us and told not to worry about anything, for her valuables will be in safe and professional hands. Discussing further details regarding house size, location, and time, made her quite relaxed. We sent a removal expert from our highly skilled staff to physically inspect the house location and moveable items. Her house was in Eccleshill. It was a 2-bed simple house situated on Acre Avenue. Our removal expert briefed her after making an onsite assessment and 2 transit vans were sent to her doorstep. She also had some fragile items which we packed in special boxes to maintain as intact as they were. The allotted crew loaded up the things and the move was made from Bradford BD2 to Crews Hill in the northern outskirts of London.

She was very happy with our service and thanked our exceedingly professional crew to provide her a quick and profound service for a very reasonable cost.

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