The University of Bradford

Three months ago, we got an inquiry from Rajesh. He was looking for student removal services in Bradford. He told us that his application just got approved by the University of Bradford, and soon he will be moving from his parental home located in the village of Addingham to the university’s student accommodation. We responded to Rajesh with a warm welcome and congratulation and shared the details of our student removal services. He thanked us for the free quote and said he will contact us when he is ready. Our managers also guided him on what to gather and how to pack the things.  A fortnight ago, we got a mail from Rajesh that he is ready and looking forward to moving. We sent our modern transit student removal van to his place located at Hart Rhydding Lane, Addingham, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, LS29. Our crew loaded the things and shifted it to the destined point, a student accommodation inside the University of Bradford located at The Orchard, De Walden Way, Bradford BD7 1BD, United Kingdom. Rajesh gave us very positive remarks for a quick, hassle-free, and very affordable removal service.

We at Bradford Removals, are making history from Bradford to all across the West Yorkshire by providing unmatched removal services of all types. Most of the people think removing their house or office is among some of the quite wearing phases. We take it all on us and ensure you a pleasing moving experience. Try us once, and you will never go away.

Bradford to Birmingham

Bradford to Birmingham

Thomas contacted us with a removal query involving a quick house moving plan from Bradford to Birmingham. Our managers answered the query and sent a free quote accordingly. Thomas shared with us that his move will be temporary and soon he will shift back, meanwhile, he wants us to store some heavy equipment rather than transporting it along with the other necessary stuff. We offered him to book the pertinent cabinet at our storage warehouse. As he responded, a storage cabinet was booked, and 2 transit vans were sent to his house following the address as from Bradford Royal Infirmary to Duckworth Lane towards Chellow Dene and into Pearson Lane. One van was loaded with the luggage to be shifted and the other with the equipment to be stored at the warehouse. Within no time, both the vans left for their destinations. We provided a removal as well as a storage service at a very affordable cost. Thomas was very much satisfied with our company’s work.

Bradford Removals is not just another removal brand rather a gateway to the most compliant man with a van service all over West Yorkshire. Locally, we provide removals services in Bradford but are stretching all across the United Kingdom. You can hire us for international removals as well. Check out our clients’ testimonials and make sure to get a free quote. We know every removal is special and that’s why each of our clients trusts us. Make your order right now.

Bradford to Shipley

Bradford to Shipley

Today Bradford Removals abetted Oliver for the removal of his office contents from Bradford to Shipley. Oliver has just started his business and was working up in a temporary workspace situated near Woodlands Drive, Apperley Bridge, Bradford, BD10. Finally, he got a new place to set up his office in Shipley and decided to shift all the records. Along with usual office files and records, some furniture was also to be shifted including office desks, movable chairs, conference tables, and a wooden closet. We sent our transit removal van. The luggage was packed and loaded in the van by our uniformed personnel and a move was made to the new office at a short walk from Saltaire station in Shipley. All the items were transported safely to the new workspace. Our crew also helped Oliver to settle his new business room.

Bradford Removals is an outclass removals firm providing top-notch moving services from within Bradford to all over the West Yorkshire for very cheap prices. Whether you require a house removal, an office removal, student removal, or some special equipment removals, Bradford Removals will be more than pleased to pick up your luggage from your doorstep and unload it to your destined site. We have the most advanced transit removal vans and trucks. Our highly skilled professional removal staff has no match in providing the most reliable removal services within and outside Bradford. Get a free quote from us right now and make your move a hassle-free experience.

Bradford to Keighley

Bradford to Keighley

Ashley and Robin came to our office to discuss a 4-bed sized house removal from Bradford to Keighley. The couple was accompanied by their young baby. Our managers welcomed the family with a gift of fresh chocolates for their pretty little kid and greeted the parents with fresh lime. They felt like home and told us about the contents to be removed. They were looking for a removals company near bradford to help them move their house on very short notice. The luggage was more than usual including beds, sofas, store furniture, and some heavy equipment as washing machine, wardrobe, and metallic closets.

We briefed them about the types of removal vans and the packaging material as cardboard boxes to ensure the safety of the items. One of our professionals accompanied them to their house to make a ground layout for the removal of their contents. It was a 4-bed house situated at Station Road, Denholme Bradford, BD13. The items to be removed included 3 double beds, 1 single bed, 3 sets of bedside cabinets, 4 chests of drawers, 2 double wardrobes, 2 single wardrobes, 4 rugs, Flat screen, TV & home entertainment system, and some conservatory equipment/furniture. We sent our 7.5-ton Luton box vans with tail lifts and a move was made from Bradford to their new house at Moorhouse Lane, Oxenhope, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD22.

Ashley and Robin were very happy with our service quality and quick time management. Hurry up! Get your free quote right now and we will do the same for you.

Bradford to Halifax

Bradford to Halifax

Three days ago, we got a query for modern piano removal from Mr. Williams. The piano was to be removed from his house located near Morley in Bradford and to be shifted in Halifax. Our moderators greeted him on top of the day and provided some guidelines. Williams had no experience for moving a piano and was looking for an expert removals company that can do the job without causing any damage to the equipment. We elaborated our official protocol for safe piano removals to get him intrigued and the moving date was decided as of today.

It was an upright piano weighing 410 kg. We sent our highly skilled piano removal crew at the pickup site that was located near Moorside Avenue, Bradford BD11. The piano was covered in plastic covers and blankets to protect its parts. After wrapping the parts, it was lifted on the piano dolly. Using the ramp, our workers entered the piano inside the van. A wooden plank was placed under the piano, to ensure that the floor surface is even and to ease the trauma to the legs of the piano. Finally, it was transported to the destined house that was nearby Woodlands Grove in Halifax HX3. Williams felt quite relaxed and relieved when it was unloaded at the new house. Our professional workers made it safely without putting even a single scratch over the equipment.  We also helped Williams to make a space at the new house for the equipment without any extra charges.

Thornton to Clayton Heights in Bradford

Thornton to Clayton Heights in Bradford

Today our crew spent the day moving a 2-bed sized house for Mr. Kennedy from Ellingham Court, Thornton to Condor Close, Clayton Heights in Bradford.

Bradford Removals is among the top-notch house removal companies providing affordable moving services within Bradford as well as to the neighboring towns circling all over the West Yorkshire. We have the best removals crew of all the removal firms working in Bradford. Our highly skilled professionals will not only provide you the quickest moving service but also guide you on how to make your move even more perfect cutting out all the extra costs. Whether you have experience in moving or a newbie, not a single removal is the same as of the other. This is because the locations, the type of items to be shifted, and the circumstances vary among each case. That’s why we ask for complete details before setting out for a deal with our customers so that they agree and know about what they are paying for.

Along with the moving and we also spent our time in searching for the net worth updates of the local celebrities and found that Clayton heights is a worth living place.

We believe in establishing a trustworthy relationship with our clients. Visit us or call us, our managers will receive you warmly and guide you on how you can save your time as well as money. We have been doing multiple projects and have earned a name in the removal market of Bradford within a very short time. So, if you are looking for a stress-free and up to the mark removal service, make an order right now. We provide all kinds of removal services.

Bradford to Milton Keynes

Bradford to Milton Keynes

A week ago, Mr. and Mrs. Allan visited our headquarters at Bradford Removals. They were looking for an experienced house removals company to move their house from Bradford to Milton Keynes. They told us some items to be shifted are at their parents’ house situated somewhat away from their own house. Their own house was located at Washington Street, Bradford BD8 while their parents’ home was at Back Lane, Queensbury, Bradford BD13. They asked whether they must pay some extra charges for two pick up spots or not. We attended them with a warm welcome and solved their query by excluding the extra charges for another pickup spot. They were very happy to make the deal for different pickup spots within the cost of single house removal.

On moving day, we sent our three men with transit removal van to pick up the items from both houses connecting via cemetery road. They had some furniture along with usual home stuff. Our crew also helped them in packaging. They had some antique clocks which we wrapped in special cardboard boxes wrapped within roll tape to provide extra protection. Picking up all the items, a move was made to the destined house located at 10 Canon Harnett Court, Warren Park, Milton Keynes. Our removalists helped them in settling as well. They were very thankful to us for all the services at very cheap prices. They gave us very praising comments and ensured to remain in contact with us for their future removal plans.

Student Removals from Leeds to Bradford University

Yesterday we got an online student removals query from Leeds to Bradford. James had just got admission in some course at the University of Bradford and was moving into some student accommodation. We welcomed him and sent our free quote which he gladly accepted after comparing our rates with some of the other companies, and to his pleasure, our prices were very reasonable within affordable ranges with multiple services.

He opted for our regular man with a van service, and within no time we booked his student removal deal. Today morning, he received our man with a Luton lorry to his house located at 120 roman roads, Leeds. The things were packed inside the cardboard packing boxes provided by us to prevent any damage during the shifting time. He had usual student stuff, the things got loaded and moved to an accommodation situated near 255 Manningham Ln, Bradford BD8 7EP. James rated our service as an excellent student removal experience.

We at Bradford Removals, provide not only student removals but also house removals and office removals. Every move is different, and every client has a particular scenario. That’s why we provide individual attention to each of our clients and try to assist him or her in all possible ways as per the circumstances. We have the best team of removalists all over the West Yorkshire and have been providing an unimpeachable man with a van service from within and towards outside of Bradford. Order us and you’ll never be disappointed.

Moved House from Bradford to London

Tsunade came to us with a house removals query from Bradford to London. She had experience in moving her house before but was not satisfied with the service. One of her friends, whom we had assisted in past, told her about our company’s service quality for removals in Bradford. Receiving this positive feedback, she contacted us, and our managers welcomed her with a cup of coffee while listening to her concerns regarding the house removal and of course the side talk we had about the workers in Arab countries and specially the iqama check for expiry venture we discussed, what a fruitful discussion.

As she shared her last experience, she got her location cordinates from my location and sent it us, by doing so we noticed she was charged unfairly and some of the furniture was also damaged. We thanked her for trusting us and told not to worry about anything, for her valuables will be in safe and professional hands. Discussing further details regarding house size, location, and time, made her quite relaxed. We sent a removal expert from our highly skilled staff to physically inspect the house location and moveable items. Her house was in Eccleshill. It was a 2-bed simple house situated on Acre Avenue. Our removal expert briefed her after making an onsite assessment and 2 transit vans were sent to her doorstep. She also had some fragile items which we packed in special boxes to maintain as intact as they were. The allotted crew loaded up the things and the move was made from Bradford BD2 to Crews Hill in the northern outskirts of London.

She was very happy with our service and thanked our exceedingly professional crew to provide her a quick and profound service for a very reasonable cost.

Office Removals from Bradford to Edinburgh

Bradford to Edinburgh

Bradford Removals assisted Chris today for his office removals from Ashfield place & terrace, Great Horton road Bradford to Queen Street, New Town in Edinburgh. A formal transit loader was sent to the place and the furniture items were loaded by our crew. The files and private documents were wrapped separately in a labeled box. As the valuables were unloaded at the destined place, Chris was very happy to collect them. Not a single scratch was observed on any chair. Our removal men also helped him to settle the things at a new place without any extra service charges. Chris was smiling with pleasure to have his office shifted within less than half of the day. He thanked our staff and we welcomed him with the hope of a recurring relationship.

Bradford Removals is not just another removals company. We are a fresh, compliant, and energetic group of people working in Bradford to provide our clients with an impeccable man and van service. Whether you are looking for office removal, house removal, or student removal, our highly trained uniformed professionals will always be at your doorstep to take all the burden off your shoulders by providing cheap yet excellent removal services. Wherever your flat is in Bradford, we will reach and transport your items to the destined place located anywhere in West Yorkshire.
Check our packages and you will be amazed by how compensating we are. Our rates are minimum while the service is maximum. Feel free to contact us for a free quote.