I have always enjoyed being in Bradford, ever since my first time there during a Bradford office removals job that my dad and I took. Being a nature lover, the amazing natural scenic destinations of the place is a joy to behold. It is also a great place to get a glimpse of the early English era. Most important of all though, if you are someone that enjoys countryside scenery and stunning heritage sites, you will easily fall in love with this place. 

With so many tourist destinations however, being able to plan which ones to visit ahead of time will be a great advantage for anyone visiting Bradford. There are a few places that you should take note of, and that’s because these are destinations that no tourist should miss during their visit. That said, below are the three must see places in Bradford, and what you can expect from them. 


Lister Park 

lister park bradfordLister Park has been a very popular destination for tourists in Bradford throughout the years. Besides the tranquil open space and lush green landscape, it is also a place where almost everyone can find something to enjoy. You can expect to see wonderful botanical gardens, breath taking lake views, and plenty of fun play areas for children as well. Regardless if you are in a trip alone, with friends, or your family, this is definitely a place that you should never miss visiting. 


Sunbridge Wells

Sunbridge WellsSunbridge Wells is another very popular landmark and tourist destination in Bradford. Apart from the many scenic tunnel views that you will find, the place is also filled with shops, pubs, and restaurants that offer quality goods, drinks, and food. You can also enjoy events in the area all throughout the year, making it a must visit place for those that love festivities. All in all, it is an ideal place for people that want to relax during the afternoon, and simply enjoy good food and company up until night time. 


National Science and Media Museum

Museums are always a good destination for any traveler. That is because it is a good way to learn more about the culture of the place you are visiting. The National Science and Media Museum is a great place for people that are interested in historical media displays. The museum has boasts seven stories of exhibits about television, photography, video gaming, and even animation. Apart from that, it also has three cinemas and a wide array of film events for visitors to enjoy.  

National Science and Media Museum

There you have it, if you have plans of visiting Bradford in the near future, then make sure that you include these three places on your list of destinations. No trip to Bradford is complete without a visit to these three amazing areas. They can definitely make your trip more memorable, and worth all the time that you decide to invest on it. 

Lastly, these three places are near plenty of other tourist destinations. With that in mind, it is highly recommended that you pick accommodations that are near them. That is so you can maximize your time and enjoyment throughout your stay in Bradford. Fortunately, there are plenty of hotels in these areas, so you won’t really have a hard time finding one that’ll suite your travel needs.

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