Llandudno is a beautiful seaside town in North Wales, where you can enjoy the warm weather and take some time out of your busy schedule to do whatever suits you best. Whether it’s shopping at one end or catching fishin’ tackle on offer at another – there’s something for everyone!

Llandudno is a perfect destination for those who want to spend their day at leisure. With so many things available, you’ll never run out of things to do or see! Let’s explore this list for the first part of the three part series of this article.


With miles of golden sands and a pier with plenty for the kids to do, LLandudno is one of our favourite day trips from Bradford. The Victorian town has a distinctive seaside charm and laid back vibe that’s perfect for a relaxing day by the coast. Perhaps most famous as the Queen of Welsh Resorts, LLandudno is graced with some of the most beautiful architecture along the coastline and its spectacular three mile promenade gives stunning views over to Anglesey on clear days. To get there head on down to Bradford Interchange where you can catch a number 8 bus straight down to LLandudno – it takes just over an hour so you’ll have plenty of time for a stroll around the town.

If you want to get closer to the wildlife then head north of LLandudno on the 8A bus towards Abergele for a short journey through some of Britain’s finest coastal scenery, stopping off on route at LLyn Mair Nature Reserve which is home to three miles of wild panorama along the Clwydian Range with some fantastic walks and trails around Conwy Mountain.

Or if it’s good old fashioned fun you’re after then jump aboard The Great Orme Tramway at Happy Valley in LLandudno – this Victorian marvel travels nearly half way up the Great Orme hill offering breath-taking views over two beautiful Welsh Estuaries. You can stop off at one of ten stops on the way up before checking out the wealth of attractions at Happy Valley including a Victorian tea room, fun fair with go-karts and crazy golf.

2. Get active at LLANDUDNO LAKE


With acres of woodland trails, adventure playgrounds, lakeside walks and even an off road bike track through the hills you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to getting outdoors in LLandudno Lake Reservoir – everything from family hikes to mountain biking is covered by this wonderful area of countryside just minutes from the town centre. The park covers 670 acres between Little Orme and Big Orme offering incredible views along its hillside trails so even the drive to the park is an adventure. As for things to do once you get there, well it’s simply packed with play areas, cycling routes and stunning walks – the little ones will love Treetop Adventures, a series of nets at varying heights along winding paths that are perfect for kids to clamber up and over.

LLANDUDNO LAKE RESERVOIR is the perfect place for an outdoor activity. Swimming in freshwater lakes can be refreshing and fun, but not everyone has access or permission to do so outside their home country! When visiting a foreign destination it’s important to know your rights as well so they don’t get taken away from you unexpectedly – even if this means being very cautious with locals who have different customs than what we’re used to back at our hometowns.

For example: Some might believe that taking off one’s shoes before entering someone else’s property would mean putting themselves below them on social standing rankings; however here I found people respected my decisions by just letting me walk around barefoot without worry.


No visit to LLandudno would be complete without taking in the town’s three mile promenade which edges its way gently out into the Irish Sea affording fantastic panoramic views out across Anglesey and down over miles of golden sands. The Victorian pier is certainly worth checking out too – it hosts regular events, markets and activities including an arcade of family fun with old fashioned slot machines all the way along. Whatever the weather, LLandudno’s promenade is a great day out for people of all ages!

A walk along the Promenade will improve your mood. A stroll through LLANDUDNO’S PROMENADE is like entering another world where you can enjoy spectacular views, historical sites and charming seaside stories from residents who have been there since long before today’s modern amenities were built! 

It’s a great way to take in some fresh air while exploring this quaint little town which has so much going on within its narrow streets lined with shops catering all tastes—from high fashion boutiques geared towards those looking dashingly handsome or elegant down artistic galleries showcasing works created solely by hand.

From the heart of quaint LLANDUDNO, explore this beautiful promenade. Hike to an ironwood tree and pet its soft bark or stop for coffee at one of our boutiques before continuing on your way home; it’s perfect whether you’re spending time with friends or family.

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